Tidy those Teacups!

I have a week off work ( hurrah!)  so I  thought I had better crack on with sorting out my teacups. I have been having a bit of a craft fair hiatus recently ~ partly because January and February can be a wee bit quiet for craft fair folk  anyway and partly because my teacup collection has been  spiralling
a little out of control in the spare room. I’m really lucky that sometimes my friends and family hunt me out teacups too. And people have even been known to leave carrier bags of crockery on my doorstep. Yes I must be a crazy teacup lady!


As much as I appreciate their generousity , sometimes the teacups are not ones I would have chosen myself. And If I don’t take a shine to them I find myself losing the passion to make them into candles for my stall. I know ,I know , I sound a right ungreatful so and so don’t I…… my guilty consience has not stopped me from  filling four carrier bags full for the charity shop though!

Pretty Teacups.:)

I still have plenty left to turn into pretty candles and trinket stands, don’t you worry. I thought I would try out making some coloured teacup candles for a change. Don’t you think they will make perfect Valentines or Mothers Day Gifts.:)


The pink ones are red berry scented.:)

If you would like to know how to make teacup candles check out my Mini tutorial 🙂 in an older post.

ps ~ I will still be genuinely pleased if I find any teacups on my doorstep.:-D

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