Paris ~ a bucket list.

We are hoping to visit Paris this year. We haven’t booked anything and it may not even happen. This has not stopped me from inventing itinaries and planning Paris inspired Pinterest boards though! Maybe ( if we go), When we have finished gazing up in awe at the Eiffel Tower and admiring the Arc De Triumph ,maybe we can explore a little bit more………:)

1)Vintage Carousels are seemingly popular in Paris.Several are dotted round the city including this one near the Eiffel Tower. How lovely to photograph the famous landmark from the vantage point of a vintage merry go round.
There are others in various parcs and gardens including the jardin du luxembourg and forum les halles.For many grouped together visit le musee de art forain~ a museum of all things carnival related. I’m surely not to old to take a ride on a beautiful carousel horse am I……..

2)Outdoor Swimming is not something one associates with the River Seine but maybe that is because I didn’t know about le piscine Josephine Baker a large barge moored on the banks near the Bastille containing an impressive pool. Named for the American born entertainer/resistance heroine Josephine Baker who found love and acceptance in Paris, it has a magnificent glass roof that opens up in the summer to reveal spacious sun decks.Make sure to take your speedo’s if your a boy and swim cap if your a girl ~ the general rules in french swimming baths.

Piscine Josephine Baker.

3) Pavement cafe’s in Paris are there to entice you to sit and watch the world go by I presume. Relax with a cafe au lait, a copy of Cherie by Colette and a sumptious french pastry.:-)

Parisienne cafe.

Paris Brest ~ named after a french bike race apparently.

4) Hunt out the miniature Statues of Liberty of which there are two in Paris. The original was of course a gift to New York from Paris so it is only fitting that the city has its own. The tallest is situated on a small island in the Seine (le Ill aux Cygnes) and at 37ft is tiny in comparision to its legendary counterpart.


I love the fact that the Eiffel tower rises majestically in the distance. An even smaller replica can be found in the jardin du luxembourg.

5) In the film Sabrina , Audrey Hepburn’s character says ‘paris is always a good idea’. She must have thought so herself as Audrey made several films in the city. I have only seen Funny Face where she danced with Fred Astaire and Charade in which she starred with Cary Grant. There are several more including Sabrina and Paris When It Sizzles.

Audrey with balloons in Funny Face.

To trace Audrey’s film locations saunter over to this charming blog My French Life for inspiration. 🙂

6) Two bridges over the Seine River in Paris are covered in ‘love locks’. Pont de Arts and Pont de l’Archeveche. Buy a padlock from rue de Rivoli , write your names on the padlock, lock it onto one of the bridges and throw away the key. Your love is now eternal! The river bed must be carpeted with keys.

Love Lock ❤

7) Browse the fabulous antiques, art and flea markets for that perfect book, print or trinket.

8) If you are feeling brave why not delve into the shadowy world of vampires. Le Musee des Vampires is a small private museum on the outskirts of Paris dedicated to Vampires and the undead. I myself may just be to scared. By private appointment only.

Vampire Museum ( picture found on the cool stuff to do in Paris website.

9) I would quite like to wander round the Pere Lachaise Cemetery however ~ a vast acreage of ornate statues and elaborate mausoleums dedicated to many famous names. Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Sarah Bernart and the french novelist Colette to name but a few. The most visited grave is that of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison apparently.

statue at Pere Lachaise. ( Picture by Christopher Levy)

The cemetery is home to a multitude of cats ( they are fed by people who live near by ) and it is said that the flowers on the grave of Colette ( a noted cat lover) are replaced regularly by her feline admirers ,come night fall……

10) And of course in Paris it would be wonderful to stay in a chic Parisienne apartment. I have noticed that a few bloggers I read have used Airbnb which is a website where people advertise rooms and also whole apartments relatively inexpensively. I may have to try them out !

Parisienne Apartment. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my bucket list. Have you been to any of the places featured ? Where do you love to go in Paris?

* note ~ none of the beautiful pictures in this post are my own. They are pinned off pins off pins on Pinterest and it was hard to find all there sources.

10 thoughts on “Paris ~ a bucket list.”

  1. Climb to the roof of Sacre Coeur…..take a peek through the clock face in Musee D Orsay….find a corner in Shakespeare and Company bookshop….I could go on forever. Je t,aime Paris!

  2. The Promenade Plantee is great – it’s a park on an old railway line (like the High Line in New York), there are fab views (and cocktails) at the top of the Montparnasse Tower, amazing stained glass at Sainte-Chapelle, and spooky piles of bones in the catacombs. As you can tell I’ve got a bit of a Paris obsession! Try to go once a year and still seem to have a huge list of things I want to see there.

  3. Hi, nice list. I’ve been to little Liberty, Eiffel Tower and that very same carousel! I’d recommend le guillotine if you like jazz or live music. It’s in the Latin quarter. I think Paris is one of those cities you have to see more than once. Enjoy your trip!

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