Photo An Hour. :)

Yesterday I took part in a photo an hour challenge started up by Janey at Is that You Darling  , linking with other snap happy folk at #photoanhour on twitter. I instagramed my way through the day, atempting to post a pic on the hour, every hour. I enjoyed the challenge! So here is what I got up to on Saturday. I’m sorry I didn’t have a more adventurous day…….but it does include cute kittens and a new frock. 🙂


8am ~ woken up by my cat Slinky. She had been demanding breakfast  noisely for at least an hour!


9am ~ Wil surprised me by nipping out for croissants. Yummy breakfast.

10am ~ Nipped into town to do some errands and noticed the lovely spring flowers outside the florist.

11am ~ One of my errands was getting some new passport pics. Well they turned out absolutely awful! I look like a depressed convict. And these were the best ones !


12pm ~ To cheer myself up after passport pics trauma I ending up buying a new daisy print dress in town.


1pm ~ On my way to a friends to cuddle her cute kittens. The sky is blue. Hurrah!


2pm ~ Here are Mau and Sisi. Gorgeous girls. They are five weeks old and are being hand reared by my friend Lisa and her family after their mother abandoned them. This was one of the rare times they sat still. 🙂


3pm ~ Admired the vintage vending machines at Lisa’s house. Very Cool !


4pm ~ Popped to the supermarket to buy tea supplies and some pink wine to take to a birthday party later.


5pm ~ Time for a soak in the bath with a lush bath bomb. 😀


6pm ~ Beef Buritos for tea.


7pm ~ Posting this pic has reminded me , I need to check this. Who knows I may be a millionaire !


8pm ~ A cheeky Amaretto before going to a friends 40th.


10pm ~ or maybe later. A pic with the birthday girl. Happy 40th Fiona. X

Well thats it. After this last pic I would have been classed as drunk in charge of a camera. But I enjoyed the challenge and can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

And I had better go and check that ticket!


12 thoughts on “Photo An Hour. :)”

  1. Thanks for joining in! It’s lovely to get people involved, and I love seeing what everyone is up to on their Saturdays! I am writing my post now, and I’ll be confirming the March date. I hope you can take part again! 🙂

  2. Ever since they changed the rules so you can’t smile on passport and drivers licence photos, I think everyone looks awful – the other half looks like a thug on his picture and mine’s not much better (think womens prision escapee).

    On a happier note, the dress does look gorgeous on you and those vintage vending machines are fab! 🙂 x

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