Thursday Favourites ‘7’

Here is a list of five things i have enjoyed, appreciated or that have made me smile in the last 7 days. Its my Thursday Favourites. 🙂

Spring Flowers.

Crocus in the park.

Its nice to see a few crocus and snowdrops popping up all spring like. I recently walked home from work via the castle park and spied a few blooms peeping through the grass. And I got to meet a playful black lab called Luke. Always a bonus to meet a labrador. 🙂 I feel a springy post coming on soon.

Daisys on a dress.
I bought this dress at the weekend from a shop in Clitheroe called ‘Style Diva’ on Wellgate. There was one displayed in the window enticing me inside. Goes to show the power of shop window dressing! I love that it is covered in daisies ( a nod to warmer weather) and yet still has winter sleeves.

Cute Kittens. 🙂

At the weekend I met this treasured twosome. Sisi and Mau belong to some friends. They have been hand rearing them because they were abandoned by their Mum. Its hard work but their love and dedication is paying off and the sisters are full of mischief at five weeks old. 😀

Tv Crime Dramas.

Enjoying the return of Silk featuring the marvelous Maxine Peak as barister Martha Costello. Great BBC series! And also The Mentalist starring Simon Baker on ch 5. Monday and Tuesday eves sorted for a bit!

Dairy Milk Ritz.

This is a really naughty way to end my post ! Because I work in a supermarket means i’m surrounded by temptations in the chocolate bar department. These new Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate Ritz crackers are a yummy combination of sweet and savoury. They are pretty delicious I have to say. But I am thinking this should be my last treat … i really do need to lose some pounds for the summer. Healthy Eating starts ( Again!) right now.

Bye for Now. X

4 thoughts on “Thursday Favourites ‘7’”

  1. Oooh, I bet that Dairy Milk’s good! I love things that combine sweet and savoury. In Germany you can get Milka chocolate with TUC crackers. It’s dangerous! Every time I buy it I end up eating the whole bar…

  2. I’ve not seen Dairy Milk Ritz anywhere – I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for it, it sounds like it could well be delicious! 🙂 x

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