an Audrey filmography. <3

Audrey Hepburn in Charade.

Cataloging the movies of the captivating Miss Hepburn I have done mostly for myself ~ as well, who wouldn’t desire a list of them all in one place. 🙂 I’ve decided to concentrate on the period between 1953 and 1968 as this is within the time-span in which she made the bulk of her films. Before 1953 there were small parts in a handful of British films and by 1968 she had all but retired , rarely tempted to return to the limelight. So may I present the fabulous films of Audrey Hepburn.


Roman Holiday 1953.
Story of a fairytale princess torn between love and duty. Filmed in Rome and also starring Gregory Peck, this romantic comedy was box office gold….and Audrey won an Oscar!

Bogart and Hepburn in Sabrina.

Sabrina 1954.
Romantic Comedy about a cinderella like character ( Audrey as chauffeurs daughter ‘Sabrina’) who returns from Paris and captures the attentions of two dashing brothers. And an Oscar nomination. 🙂


War and Peace 1955.
Sprawling epic of Tolstoy’s classic documenting the tangled lives of two aristocratic families against a back drop of Napolean’s Russian Invasion. Audrey plays the beautiful Natasha.

Audrey and Fred in Funny Face.

Funny Face 1957.
Charming musical concerning a shy waif like book seller ( Hepburn) who is discovered by a photographer ( Astaire) and whisked away to Paris to become a top model. Here Audrey gets to dance with legend Astaire, wear beautiful Givenchy gowns and be photographed in front of every Parisienne landmark. Heavenly.:)

With Gary Cooper in Love In The Afternoon.

Love In The Afternoon 1957

Audrey stayed in Paris to film another romantic comedy, this time with Gary Cooper. He plays a philandering playboy ‘Frank Flannigan’ and she is ‘Ariane’ , the daughter of a private detective employed by one of his lovers husbands. After hearing her fathers client threatening to kill Frank she decides to warn him and ends up falling head over heals in love herself. Can she keep his interest by pretending to be worldly wise and sophisticated ?


The Nun’s story 1959.
A total change of scenery here as Audrey is ‘sister Luke’, a nun whose faith is tested by assignments in a mental hospital, nursing in the Congo and the Nazi occupation. An oscar nominated role.


Green Mansions 1959.

Mel Ferrer ( Audrey’s then husband) directs her in this romantic jungle adventure. Audrey plays ‘Rima’ who lives in the forests of Venezuela. And Anthony Perkins ( Psycho) plays her love interest. Loving the fawn. 🙂

With Burt Lancaster in the Unforgiven.

The Unforgiven 1960.
Who knew that Audrey appeared in a Western ! In this not to well recieved John Huston directed western she plays the adopted sister of Burt Lancaster, whose family come to claim her back when it is revealed she is actually the daughter of Indians.

Audrey as Holly Golightly...with her alarm clock. 🙂

Breakfast at Tiffanys 1961

A return to form ( and an Oscar nomination) for Audrey in personally my favourite of her movies. Based on Truman Capote’s screenplay the story revolves around a ditsy New York socialite ‘Holly Golightly’ and her quest to bag a rich man without getting emotionally attached along the way. The only time she feels truely happy is when she is staring into the window of the New York jewellers ‘Tiffanys’. But maybe an Orange Cat and George Peppard will make a difference to her life. 😀

Audrey and co stars James Garner and Shirley Maclaine.

The Children’s Hour 1961.

This drama about rumour and reputation centres on two former classmates ( Hepburn and Maclaine) who start up a boarding school for girls. A troublemaking student who is punished for telling a lie spreads false accusations that the teachers are lesbians and the fallout is devestating. A darker film for Audrey and a sign of the times back then.

Cary Grant and Audrey.

Charade 1963

Often referred to as the ‘Best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made’ , Audrey was finally paired with Cary Grant in this romantic comedy/mystery, filmed on location in Paris. 🙂

In Paris for Paris when it sizzles.
In Paris for Paris when it sizzles.

Paris When It Sizzles 1964.

Also filmed in Paris ( Yes I think Miss Hepburn must have loved the city!) is this romantic comedy starring William Holden ( previously seen with her in Sabrina) as a play-write suffering from writers block. Audrey’s role is of a secretary assigned to him to help him overcome it.

As Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

My Fair Lady1964.
An iconic role for our fair lady in this well loved musical. Rex Harrison plays the snobbish Professor Higgins who wagers he can transform a common flower girl ( Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle) into a lady of high society.

Peter 'o Toole and Audrey in How to steal a million.
Peter ‘o Toole and Audrey in How to steal a million.

How To Steal A Million 1966.
Romantic comedy caper filmed wherelse but Audrey’s beloved Paris. Audrey plays the daughter of an old art forger. Worried that her father’s fakery is about to be discovered she persuades a high-society thief ( O’Toole) to help her steal one of his paintings from a gallery.

With Albert Finney in Two for the Road.
With Albert Finney in Two for the Road.

Two For The Road 1967.
A total change of scenery for Audrey here. No more Givenchy gowns. This film chronicles the ups and downs of a ten year marriage and Albert Finney plays her husband.

In Wait until Dark.
In Wait until Dark.

Wait until Dark 1967.

This thriller about a blind woman terrorised by violent drug smugglers would be Audrey’s last film for nearly a decade. The movie would earn her an Oscar nomination.

After Wait Until Dark Audrey’s first marriage to Mel Ferrer would break down. She married again (and divorced) and devoted her energies to raising her two sons, briefly returning to Hollywood occasionally to make films such as Robin and Marian with Sean Connery. Her last role would be that of an Angel in Stephen Speilberg’s Always in 1990.

How many of Audrey’s movies have you watched ? There are quite a few on the list I have yet to see !

Audrey as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Audrey as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

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