Brooch bouquets for Becky

I thought i would reblog this post as these vintage brooch and button bouquets that Mrs Fox makes are fabulous. Love this idea! Take a look. X

Mrs Fox's Finery

A while back I had my brooch bouquets on display at a local cafe, No: 84. On the back of this I was contacted by the lovely Becky who was looking for a bouquet for herself and her two bridesmaids.

I can now share the finished results with you all as the wedding was at the end of February. It was great fun creating these bouquets for her and collecting all the pieces to go in it. But I did feel the pressure to make sure I got it right!

Becky was looking for a metal / grey effect for her bouquet with a girly twist. It also needed to fit with her very cool Audrey Hepburn inspired dress and her shoes (you don’t have to tell me how much shoes can rule an outfit, my whole wedding was based on a pair!). Check out the outfit. 

She also requested both hers and her…

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