April Photo an hour.

I’ve joined in again with Janey’s #photoanhour challenge on Instagram so here are my pictures from Saturday. I had a nice day, spent mostly catching up with lovely mates. 🙂 Always a plus!


9am ~ Enjoying a brew in my fave mug.

10am ~ Trying to persuede Slinky to come outside for a bit of sunshine. She had other ideas.


11am ~ Did a few errands in town and snapped this picture of the Castle museum and beautiful blue sky.

Noon ~ Grabbed a quick lunch of crusty bread with mushroom pate at home before heading back into town to meet a friend.


1pm ~ Met Tracy for ‘ Treasure Hunting’ and here are some Alice prints to admire.


2pm ~ Tracy pondering whether to purchase this teeny tiny seagull. 😀


3pm ~ Sweetie jars. Think this was a panic picture. Sometimes its quite difficult thinking about what to take !


4pm ~ Yes we are still out mooching round the shops. These bunnys in the florists were embarrased to see us. 😛


5pm ~ Quick trip to Homebase before heading home. Most of these plants are Tracys. She wondered how many would survive her cats curiousity !


6pm ~ And these are my purchases. I bought more than i thought i had. Excited about the ladybird books which i love. 🙂


7pm ~ My other half is out so off to my mate Beckys for a catch up. She kindly feeds me yummy soup.


8pm ~ I love spending time with cat people 🙂 This is Sam my couch companion at Beckys.


9pm ~ And this is my last pic of the day. Beckys masks. I’d like to say I was then whisked off to a masquerede ball. But sadly not !

To see more Photo An Hour posts check out #photoanhour on Twitter and Instagram and maybe you can join in with Janey’s next one in May. 🙂


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