Thursday Favourites ~ April. :)

I have kind of got out of doing my Thursday Favourites posts recently. I think its me rebelling against having a bit of routine on my blog ;0). Today though I am in the mood for routine ~ so here are a few things I have enjoyed lately…

Girly day out. :)
Girly day out. 🙂

A couple of weekends ago I got to spend the whole day with two of my best friends. I cannot remember the last time before this that we managed to snatch more than a couple of hours together . Life just gets in the way you know. Anyway I blogged about how we enjoyed yummy tea and cake at Propertea in Manchester before spending the rest of our day shopping, gossiping and having the odd cheeky drink. 🙂 Days out with the girls are the best !

Easter Bun pudding. :)
Easter Bun pudding. 🙂

Here is a very sticky gooey calorific chocolaty pudding I made from a recipe found on a Tesco recipe card. As soon as Easter arrived and Lent ended it meant that I was allowed to eat chocolate again.Yippee ! So yes i really pigged out and this yummy dessert was quite the Easter treat. A bit like a bread and butter pudding ,its a good way of using up those impulse buy Hot Cross Buns.

The Tern Project, Morecambe.
The Tern Project, Morecambe.

It was certainly grand to get some lovely sunshine over the Easter weekend too. As I was working on Good Friday, the other half agreed that on Monday we could head for the seaside. 🙂
We drove over to Morecambe and had a wander along the promenade which is home to The Tern Project ,a nature trail of quirky art works featuring the seabird life of Morecambe bay. There are limericks,jokes and poetry too….and a magpie Hopscotch. Fun on the Prom. 🙂

Jessica Brown Findlay in Jamaica Inn.
Jessica Brown Findlay in Jamaica Inn.

Did you watch the BBC adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn ? Having never read the novel or seen the 1939 Hitchcock directed film , I was interested in catching this version. Despite the grumbling about the mumbling , I actually really enjoyed this gothic tale. The final part of the three parter was definitely the best though. Did you manage to watch it and did the cornish accents put you off?

Ladybird love. :)
Ladybird love. 🙂

A little treasure hunting with a lovely friend from the blog Olive and Harry , resulted in me purchasing two more Ladybird nature books first published in 1959. I remember there was a library of them at my village primary school. So I shall look out for more. Love exploring the countryside with them and taking them along with me , to see how farming and wildlife have evolved over the decades. 🙂

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