Thursday Favourites and a Blogging Question.

Well what has put a smile on my face recently ?  Life has been pretty good of late. I can’t really complain. I’m a wee bit scint ~ I don’t think I’ll ever get used to getting paid four weekly ( even after all this time! ) , but apart from that…..everything is tickety boo. 🙂

Facebook Can Be Great ~ Recently social media has really helped my friends who run a farm animal rescue centre. They have found themselves in the awful situation of having to move and rehome most of the animals. Finding loving homes for farm animals can prove difficult so I’m  greatful that Facebook especially is proving to be a great way of spreading the word. Today the first of their hens have gone to a  new home with some lovely people. That makes me happy! If you can help ( the farm is based near Settle in Yorkshire) their email is

Blossom 🙂
How beautiful is this Hawthorn blossom I spied on a walk on Monday. Nature is so breathtaking at times.

Eighties Band down the Local !

Was out on Friday and we ended up seeing 80’s band The Blow Monkeys in Clitheroe. All a bit random. They were quite big in about 1987, around the same time as Curiousity Killed the Cat. Their biggest hit ( No, it wasn’t their only Hit !) was called Diggin Your Scene. Do you remember them?  Anyway I enjoyed a bit of Eighties Pop nostalga. Showing my age now!



Jane and Lisbon got together. ❤

And I was really pleased with the season 6 finale of one of my favourite shows The Mentalist on Tues night.  Patrick Jane and Theresa Lisbon have admitted their feelings for each other finally. Yay !  I can’t wait until season seven to see how this storyline develops. 🙂

Boo hoo I may not be able to blog now until after my next payday. 😦

Seems I have nearly used up all my storage space for photos and images on WordPress….and I’m going to have to pay for more space If I want to carry on. 😦
Has anyone else used up theirs? You find out by going into Media on your dashboard. Photographs are a big part of my blog so I’m a bit gutted to be honest ( maybe everything is not all tickety boo then! ) ~ any re assurances would be appreciated. 🙂

Bye for Now.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Favourites and a Blogging Question.”

  1. Blimey The Blow Monkeys are still going? And doing pubs???
    I didn’t know anything about storage space-does this mean that we are all limited to what we can post?

    1. Hi Seeing the Blow Monkeys in The Swan was a bit crazy.It was a free gig too. I think they split up way back when…and have recently reformed.

      The storage space thingy limits how many photos/images you put in your blog.As my blog is mainly photos really, I have now used 98% of my storage.Then you have to buy extra. I just hope it doesn’t mean downloading anything…..cause that means I will prob give the laptop a virus.Aaaaagh! Seriously I always manage to give my laptop viruses.Also don’t fancy paying either….but I guess I will have too……..

  2. Didn’t know the Blow Monkeys were still going either!

    Re the storage space, the best thing to do to save space is to reduce the size of your photos – the maximum size they’re displayed on the page is 652px so they don’t need to be bigger than this unless you want them to be larger in the page that opens when you click on them (in which case about 1000px will be plenty). Some of yours are 4000px plus so will take up a lot of storage.

    You’ll need a photo editing program to resize them, but there are a load of free ones if you don’t have one but should mean you never run out of space – though resizing the old ones is a bit of a tedious job 😦

    1. Thanks I will bear that in mind for future posts.I am rather tecnophobic though. I will probably just end up paying as I have neared my limit. Thanks for the info.Xx

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