Curious about……. Cat Cafes. ~^^~

Purrfectly positioned in the fashionable Marais district of Paris is a cafe which doesn’t only serves coffee and croissants. The Cafe des Chats is home to 12 furry feline residents, that offer ‘Purr therapy’ to its curious clientele. 🙂

Le cafe des chats ( Photo )
Le cafe des chats ( Photo )

The cats are all adopted rescues , chosen for their happy and affectionate natures. From the pictures I have seen and the reviews I have read , the kittys appear to be content and at home. Their contentment transfers to the customers, who have been flocking to the cafe for a cafe-noir and the chance to pet a puss-cat. Stroking cats has been proven to reduce stress and have a calming effect so ‘Cat Cafes’ have hit upon a great idea. Of course there are sensible rules to adhere by and at Le Cafe des chats ,customers must not disturb sleeping cats, feed the cats or use flash photography.

Chats in Le Cafe des Chats ( photo ~ The Local ~ France's news in English).
Chats in Le Cafe des Chats ( photo ~ The Local ~ France’s news in English).

Cat Cafes have also padded their way over to London. Originally a Japanese invention , the cafes proved popular , especially with people who loved cats but had restricted space to keep one at home. With this in mind, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium opened in Shoreditch, East london in March. Named after Alice’s kitten Dinah in ‘Alice’s Adventures Through The Looking Glass’ this is a tea room that serves tea and cake in vintage china and is home to eleven lovable moggies. The cats like their Parisienne counterparts are rescues. chosen for their amiable natures.

Wookie the cat makes himself at home ( photo~ )
Wookie the cat makes himself at home ( photo~ )

The cafe has proved so popular it is essential to book and there is a £5 entry charge for a 2 hour time-slot. Strict rules concerning the animals welfare apply and Dinahs is closed every afternoon for a short cat nap.

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? I must admit I find myself very curious. As an animal lover I would love to visit and see how the cats react around people. Cute cats and cake. Hopefully there is everything to love. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Curious about……. Cat Cafes. ~^^~”

  1. I went to the Paris cat café, the first time was really disappointing, no cat even approached us we could only see them but the second time we sat on the sofa. That’s the place they choose for a nap so one sat just near me. I’m not really a cat person (loved the dog of the owner in the Paris cat café^^) but it was fun. I tried a similar café in Tokyo which reeked of cat pee but this one is great. Now I want to try the new japanes crazes the rabbit café and the owl café.

    1. Wow you’ve been to two! I would love to go to the paris one when I visit this summer. As long as the cats are happy and the places are clean , it seems a lovely idea.

  2. I’m a big cat lover and have two of my own, but wish these had been around before I did, I spent years in London in rented places where I couldn’t have a cat of my own so it would’ve been perfect!

  3. Yes I think they are aimed at people who rent and don’t have the space etc, stressed out city workers and people who are generally mad about cats. 🙂

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