52 Lists ~~ List the things you want / need to let go of…

2014-06-21 19.07.18

I’m not one for writing about negative stuff on this blog but I guess if this weeks topic is about listing the things you need to let go of….then you only really want to let go of the bad things…right.

1) My lack of confidence. I would love to let this one go. Its stopped me doing so many things!

2) Negative thoughts. I guess these are associated with the above. 😦

3) My lack of willpower. Show me a cake and I will eat it!

4) Panicking about the smallest things. I’m a born worrier.

5) Caring about what people think of me. Really bad at the ‘stuff them attitude’.

6) Being a big softy. I’ve just spent half of my’ Game Of Thrones’ fest behind a cushion.

Well thats enough of the bad stuff from me today. Feel free to tell me What you would like to let go of in your life though……..

This post is part of the http://www.madeinhunters.blogspot.co.uk challenge.

6 thoughts on “52 Lists ~~ List the things you want / need to let go of…”

  1. I think there is a flip side to this. Most of the things you have listed demonstrate a caring, or sensitive nature.
    That’s a good thing these days, when too many people are just inconsiderate about other people. You think?

  2. That’s a very brave and honest blog. Thank goodness you are you. You are a very kind, friendly and compassionate person . I bet you are not good at taking compliments either! Xxx

  3. I found that a really difficult prompt too – I had no idea what to write so I took it literally and listed the junk in our house that we’re yet to dispose of! 🙂 xx

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