July : Photo An Hour.

When I can , I try to join in with Janey from Is that you darling and her Photo an Hour challenge. She invites anyone to participate , either on Instagram, their blog or both. She chose the Saturday just gone for July’s photos. It turned out to be rainy and muggy here in the North West. Here are my pics.


9am ~ Enjoying a morning coffee , and watching the rain outside.


10am ~ Slinky keeps an eye on me as I tidy the bedroom.


11am ~ We are in Accrington. Dropped off some teacup candles at a friends shop. This pic is taken in the car park.


12pm ~ Hebden Bridge. Ok this pic was taken at about half past as we used the sat nav to direct us from Accrington. An hour and a half later…..We both felt like throwing it out the car window!


1pm ~ Lunch in a 1940s tearoom in HB. This Homity Pie was proper good. Peace and harmony restored 🙂


2pm ~ Hebden Bridge is full of interesting little shops….including Vintage shops….so I had to drag Wil round a few….to keep out of the rain. Was good though and didn’t buy anything.


3pm ~ On way home in the car with my only purchase. Mr Fitzpatricks Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial. I tried it at Feathergills and couldn’t resist buying a bottle. 🙂


4pm ~ Catching the end of Saturdays stage of the tour. I cannot pretend to remember who won though.lol


5pm ~ Having a natter at my friend Beckys.She lives on the same street.Miss Tilly gets cozy on the sofa with me.


6pm ~ I’m at home again with Wil and we are catching up on some shows. In the add break the new Coke commercial comes on. Very cute.:)


7pm ~ I try out Mr Fitzpatricks cordial with some Archers. I had to nip to the corner shop for lemonade. It was marvelously refreshing.:-P


8pm ~ Some nibbles to eat whil’st watching the dvd we put on. I shall leave you here as I then got engrossed in ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ which was an enjoyably kooky film choice.

So there you have it. By the way I have a blog birthday Giveaway going on if you want to check it out. 🙂

One thought on “July : Photo An Hour.”

  1. I love the pic of the figurines/statues in the car park, loving the pics of Hebden Bridge as well – somewhere I’ve been through on the train several times but never actually stopped there! I’ll definitely have to change that at some point 🙂 xx

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