52 Lists: Books I have enjoyed.

Although I used to read lots ( I mean lots! as a kiddiwink I bordered on antisocial as I always had my head in a book), these days I’m lucky if I manage to read three novels a year. 😦 I don’t know exactly why ~ i think its maybe because I havn’t found anything so riveting recently, that I want to leave my life temporarily and get lost in a good story. I think I just need to find a good story!  But anyway here is a list of some of the books I’ve enjoyed over the years…..some are still in my bookshelf. 🙂


Alices Adventures in Wonderland  ~  Lewis Carroll.

Wuthering Heights  ~  Emily Bronte.

Bridget Jones Diary  ~  Helen Fielding.

Let the right one in   ~  John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Harry Potter Series    ~   J K Rowling.

Dracula  ~  Bram Stoker.

Salems Lot  ~  Stephen King.

Twilight  ~  Stephanie Meyer.

A Lion called Christian  ~ Anthony Bourke & John Rendall.

The Graveyard book  ~  Neil Gamen.

The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents  ~  Terry Pratchet.

The Cat  ~  Colette.

The Lovely Bones  ~  Alice Seabold.

The Water Babies  ~  Charles Kingsley.

Game of Thrones series  ~  George R R Martin.

What are your favourite books? Any recommendations?

6 thoughts on “52 Lists: Books I have enjoyed.”

  1. I like a lot of those on your list. I see a vampire connection too 🙂
    Salem’s Lot (along with It) is my fave King novel. And of course Dracula is a classic. I read Let The Right One In, and am now working my way through Lindqvist’s books in chronological order. Next was Handling the Dead, then Let The Old Dreams Die. This is a collection of short stories, among which is an ending to the second novel I just mentioned, and also a rejoinder to Let The Right One In, so it’s worth reading for that. Next I read Harbor, which I loved. And now, just this very morning, I have received an email from my local library saying the book I ordered his last published novel, Little Star, is in to be collected.
    Appreciate the synchronicity? 🙂
    And yes, I read too much 🙂

    1. Oh i think ive read Handling the dead ~ is that the one where the dead become undead? I didn’t know about Let the Old dreams die so il have to look out for that.:) Yes I have gone through a vampire phase! Thanks for the comment. Enjoy Little Star 😉

      1. Yes it is. The longest story in the third book finishes off that novel. And we meet Oscar and his vampire friend Eli through the love story of two people in another story. There is also a story that is a reference to the fourth book after this-Harbor. This novel is where the sea itself is the evil entity. Reading the short story and then this book I could not forget that the author’s own father died from drowning. Inspiration, eh?

  2. I was exactly the same when I was younger and I find myself struggling to read as much as I used to these days too. I think life just gets in the way more now! I’ve read quite a lot of the books on your list too. I’m reading Game of Thrones at the moment and absolutely loving it, but it’s taking me a while to get through! Have you read the hunger games? If not then you really should Suzanne Collins is fantastic. Also the Night Circus is a good read if you’re looking for some escapism.

    1. I have read the hunger games but not the Night garden.I shall give it a try. The Game of thrones books are quite long but once i started, I couldn’t stop. They were my last big read….x

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