The Blitz Cafe ~ Hebden Bridge.

Have you ever been to Hebden Bridge?  Its a bohemian little Yorkshire town , packed full of quirky independent shops. There’s hobbledy cobbledy streets and surrounding  craggy countryside. We drove here the other weekend and saw quite a bit of said countryside!  The satnav took us on a bit of a magical mystery tour, so we were a bit frazzled by the time we finally arrived.


It was a rainy & wet yet humid day.  Even the ducks and geese were bedraggled. 🙂


We went in search of lunch and happily found  a cafe above Feathergills Emporium in st George’s Square called The Blitz Cafe. Its a 1940’s tea room brimming with wartime







The menus are written in ration book style with wartime inspired dishes such as Corned Beef Hash, Rabbit Pie and Blitz Rarebit.  Wil chose Bacon & Egg pie and I enjoyed my Homity Pie.


My Homity Pie was very tasty. Its made with spam, leeks and savoury mash. 🙂


There were some delicious homemade cakes on the menu too. And old fashioned pudding treats such as Spotted Dick and Jam Rolypoly. The waitresses dressed up in 1940s attire . I wish I had asked for a picture.


Downstairs in the Emporium there were wonderful sweet smelling aromas from the Apothocary. Lotions and potions galore.



So if your ever in Hebden Bridge , why not bob into the Blitz Cafe for a cuppa or a frefreshing glass of Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial ( a waitresses recommendation  which was amazingly good) and a piece of pie or afternoon tea.


Bye for now.X

7 thoughts on “The Blitz Cafe ~ Hebden Bridge.”

  1. All your pics are just making me plan a holiday there next year! It’s definitely a part of the country me and the other half need to explore a lot more 🙂 xx

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