52 Lists ~ The dreams & goals you had as a child.

My sister,brother and I.....a long long time ago!
My sister,brother and I…..a long long time ago!

~ Wear lovely ‘fashionable’ clothes and not my older cousins cast offs. As they were Olympic cyclists , my sister and i spent much of our childhood in their old cycling jerseys. Or Mum would make us wear matching outfits.See above!

~ Live in a house by the sea with lots of cats and kittens. 🙂

~ Live in a house with a telephone that isn’t in a cold pantry.Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

~ Become a librarian. I did have my nose in a book 90% of the time.

~ Go to Iceland! When i was eleven i found an Icelandic pen pal ‘Greta’ , through the IYS and all the lovely letters and postcards she sent me really inspired me to want to visit. Nearly thirty years later I will be……..as long as that Volcano behaves.Fingers crossed!

~ Meet a handsome boy and live happilly ever after. 😀

What were your hopes and dreams as a child??

5 thoughts on “52 Lists ~ The dreams & goals you had as a child.”

  1. Are you still in touch with your pen pal?
    My eldest daughter is going to Iceland in November with college. I can’t believe that she is beating me to Scandinavia. Sweden is first on my list.

  2. What a sweet post!

    Some of my dreams were 1. to become a book editor & live in New York City, 2. visit London, 3.be married to a dashing man, 4.be able to have as many kitties as I would like.

    1 didn’t happen but I edit in my mind as I read ; ). Wouldn’t want to live in NYC now – more of a countryside gal. 2 is happening in 17 days after a 30 year wait! 3 is true beyond my dreams and he makes me laugh. 4 – I discovered 2 kitties are my limit but I have the most precious little girl who would fill our home with cats!

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