52 Lists ~ Weekly Shopping List.


Hmmmmmm this weeks prompt doesn’t really apply to me.  😉 Working in a supermarket as I do…means actually doing any food shopping is….well …..to much like a Busmans Holiday!  Ok, ok , I do buy bits and bobs occasionally….but mostly I leave it to the other half.   Terrible I know!

So my list is going to have to be a list of what I ended up buying…on my way home from work.Brace yourself! Exciting stuff.

~ Pack of tea towels.
~ Bale of white bath towels.
~ Oven glove.
~ Pack of 4 glass tumblers.
~ Cotton throw for the sofa.

The fact is I only bought these things because my sister is hosting a Phoenix Cards party at mine Fri eve.And I want the house to look nice. Hiding the reciepts now!
Do you like my Oven gloves? :))


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