September ~ Photo an hour.

On Saturday I joined in with Janey’s Photo an hour challenge. It so happened that my day was spent shopping ( and catching up over a few drinks) in Manchester with friends, so most of my pics were taken in the city for a change. The idea is to take a photo on the hour, every hour, and post on Instagram or blog or both. ๐Ÿ™‚


8am ~ What does one wear for a day out in Manchester? Decisions! Decisions!


9am ~ Watering this little beauty. Think it was thirsty!


10am ~ Arwen and I on the train, not long into our journey to Manchester.


11am ~ Arrived in the big city! This is a view of the footy museum if your interested.


12pm ~ We’ve met our friend Gill and made our way to the canal side to Dukes 92 for lunch.On the wine already! The waterside venue is quite nice on a sunny day.

1pm ~ View of the Hilton from Dukes. We have plans to nip there for cocktails later. ๐Ÿ˜›


2pm ~ Shopping. I wish I could wear heels like this…..but I would soon be on the deck!


3pm ~ Trying on a sparkley blue jumper from Quiz, which I did end up buying.


4pm ~ Still shopping.Think were in Next here. Loving the blingy lights.

5pm ~ In the Q for Cloud 23 , which is the bar in the heavens of the Hilton on Deansgate.


6pm ~ Arwen and I with our cocktails, Cloud23.

7pm ~ Lost track of time and forgot to take a photo at seven, so here are our cocktails. Notice Arwen also has a Hot Chocolate.:)


8pm ~ Last photo.Its the train station. My phone battery is giving up so I call it a day on the pics. It was a lovely day out with friends, hopefully repeated soon.:)

Where do you like going shopping?


13 thoughts on “September ~ Photo an hour.”

  1. Manchester is my home city yet you always post on places I’ve never been! Been below the Cloud bar but never been up there. Heard it is quite expensive? One day, I will be walking around town and my wife will say to me “What’s that woman taking a photograph of that for?” And I will casually glance over (casual kinda guy that I am) and then declare “Oh my God-it’s Sunshine woman!” Cue the Mrs’ puzzled face.

    1. Ha Ha.Theres loads of places I have never been.Not really explored the Northern quarter yet and I had nevee been down to the canalside where Dukes and other bars are. Yes Cloud is expensive.But my friend had her 4Oth bday recently so was a bit of a treat.:))

  2. My other half is moving to Manchester for work for a while and now I’ve seen all your lovely photos, I’m really looking forward to checking it out!

  3. Looks like a fun day! Love the interestingly shaped cocktail glasses, and your sparkly jumper. I would also be on the deck in no time if I tried wearing heels like that!

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