Names for a black labrador. :)

After a good eight months as a dog free household, we finally feel the time is right to welcome another happy hound into our home. 🙂

image via pinterest.

We had kind of decided to look for a smaller dog. I guess our hearts belong to labradors though as a visit to see a gorgeous black lab called Ruby and her eight bundles of joy soon convinced us other wise. Here is the little chappie we will be taking home at the end of October!


I’m excited but nervous as I’ve never looked after a pup before. Wil already had our lovely lab Jake when we got together, so I never experienced the sleepless nights, toilet training and chewing of furniture. Have all that to look forward to!

So we are currently puppy proofing the house and thinking of names. At the moment we are both liking Hugo,Dash and Rueben. But still open to suggestions……..

What names for a black labrador do you like?

24 thoughts on “Names for a black labrador. :)”

      1. Sam was originally called Jake too! When my ex partner went to collect him (the woman who owned him said she had to part with him as she had shingles, he was still a puppy) and was told he was called Jake, she changed his name because this was the name she wanted if she was to have a son 🙂 After he started destroying everything, my refrain would be “Shingles my arse!” 🙂

      2. lol.:) Yeh our Jake ate a whole sofa and a table apparently
        …when he was a pup.He was six when i met him so fully trained ! I missed the hard bit. 🙂

      3. Ours emptied the freezer three times, eating everything except the foil off the pies. Child proof locks, rope, all was a challenge. Earrings, drain pipes, Christmas presents, plugs, electric razor. It sounds like the conveyor belt on the Generation Game. The list is endless one day I will post a out him.

      4. No he’s no longer with us. And despite it all I do miss him. One last thing-he had many teeth missing on one side of his mouth. I think they broke out on the frozen food. And he ate them 🙂

      1. Sometime hard 2 decide until you get them? Go for something a bit different, I find most dogs I meet have names that all my friends have called there kids lol! I always wanted the name Harvey but when we got ours it just didn’t go? We. Narrowed it down 2 4 names 2 each then still went for something completely different? On the day I got him my husband was racing his motorbike at Darley Moore race track and he got his 1st win, so in his honour we called him Darley something different no other dog has it but very much like my 2 favourite names Charlie and Marley! When u get him home am sure you will know? Bet u can’t wait xx

      2. a haaa i wondered how you chose his name.what a great story.And he really suits it.:) Were very excited.Picking him up end if oct after our trip to Iceland so lots to look fwd to.Hugo and reuben firm faves at the mo.Think i’ve talked him out of sabre.wasn’t sure on that one! Like you say, we will know what suits him better when we see him again.x

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