Girls Night Out ~ Paint Pot.

It was not that long ago that a Friday Night meant going out round town for a few drinks and a dance. These days I’m more likely to be found curled up with a dvd ……but last Friday I was out painting pottery!

Our table.:)

Paint Pot is situated in the Swan Courtyard in Clitheroe and it is here that a friend organized a girls night out. All we needed to do was bring ourselves and something to drink. Preferably a bottle of wine or two. 🙂

This ‘Paint your Own’ Pottery studio is used to catering for family fun but not many people know they hold Ladies nights too. There were eight of us in our group and we had a table to ourselves, decorated prettily but practically with a disposable union jack tablecloth. Our painting pinnys were tied to the chairs, in bright yellow bows. 🙂

Looking fetching in our bright yellow aprons. 🙂
Ailyn's homemade cakes....before we scoffed the lot.
Ailyn’s homemade cakes….before we scoffed the lot.


We all got to choose which piece of pottery we each wanted to paint.There was plenty of choice. Mugs, tiles, butter dishes, teapots, tree baubles. You name it, they have it. 🙂


For a few hours we had a fun time chatting, painting and the odd glass of wine. It wasn’t expensive either. The cost of your pot is taken out of a ten pound deposit you pay beforehand plus a £2.50 fee for the evening.

Helen and her marvellous mug.
Helen and her marvellous mug.
Sarah's gorgeous gecko.
We all loved Abbigail's spoon rest.
We all loved Abbigail’s spoon rest.

At the end of the evening we left our creations to be fired. We can pick them up soon. Can’t wait ! The dogs bowl is mine by the way.

Our pots waiting to be fired.

We all had a fantastic girls night out….and there was still time to head to the pub after. Thank you Paint Pot for a great evening. :))


5 thoughts on “Girls Night Out ~ Paint Pot.”

  1. Ooh we have a pottery painting place about 10 minutes away at our local farm shop! I keep thinking I should organise some kind of bloggy meet up there with cake – it looks like a really fun thing to do! 🙂 xx

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