October Photo an Hour.

Its Photo an Hour time again :).Yesterday I joined in with several other bloggers and took a photo on the hour , every hour. Its a challenge carried out every month by Janey from Is That You Darling. I join in when I can. Here goes!


8am ~   This is Slinky. She is basically telling me to bugger off and let her have the bed to herself. She thinks its her bed.


9am ~ Today I’m doing a craft fair in the church up the road. I sell teacup candles. Yep I’m the crazy teacup lady. 🙂


10am ~ Just my luck , I’m next door to the chocolate stall. 😉


11am ~ My other neighbor is Vicky from Daisy Louise Jewellery. She makes quirky pieces from objects such as cake forks.


12pm ~ Heres a shot of my fave candles on the stall. These pretty wildlife ones were soon snapped up. 🙂


1pm ~ A quiet moment, so reading up on puppy training.we pick Hugo the pup up in two weeks. 🙂


2pm ~ Yummy carrot cake from the craft fair cafe. Couldn’t resist!


3pm ~ Admiring a gorgeous felt owl on the stall opposite.


4pm ~ Finally home after my day at the Artisan Market.


5pm ~ walking through the park to the local pub. We fancy an hour or two ~ its weekend after all. 😉


6pm ~ A friend joins us with his springers Ted and Molly. Here they are with an eye out for biscuits!


7pm ~  A quick pic of us in the pub.


8pm ~ Chilli nuts. Might end up being our tea!

After this more friends joined us and we stayed out until about ten, got a takeaway  ( after about five packs of nuts 😦 )and headed home. Quite a nice day really.

Thanks for dropping by….


7 thoughts on “October Photo an Hour.”

    1. Thanks. Hope you get back into blogging more now winters on its way.knitting is more of a winter thing than summer I guess. Yes the fun starts a week on friday when we pick up the pup.:)

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