Hugo’s The Boss.


I have a feeling my blogging may become a little less frequent for a while. A new little dude has come to live with us……..and he’s taking up all our time! Not that we mind, we are completely besotted.:-D

We named him Hugo and he seems to suit it. As he is still a baby we can’t take him out yet.Another almost three weeks to go before his second lot of injections….then he can discover the wonders of the great outdoors.


Of course he looks like butter wouldn’t melt.Don’t be fooled !The moment our backs are turned he’s chewing on a chair leg or running off with my work shoe. He needs constant entertainment. Luckilly for our cat Slinky he also likes his naps…….or we wouldn’t see her at all.

Slinky appears only when H is asleep.

For now Hugo is the boss of us all! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Hugo’s The Boss.”

  1. Very excited for you!!! I remember when we first got Baker B and how the time dragged until we could first take him out! Cannot wait to see LOTS of photos of Hugo’s adventures!


  2. Oh my goodness he is amazing you lucky things I loved it when the dogs were puppies! Just wait till you take him outside you won’t be able to walk for two minutes without someone stopping to say hello!

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