November Photo an Hour.

Every month Janey from Is that you darling  picks out a day and asks her fellow bloggers and instagramers to join her in taking a photo on the hour, every hour.

November’s photo an hour was on this Saturday just gone. I didn’t manage to snap as many pics as I usually do……it was rather a rainy and uneventful day ! At least I got to spend some time with our beasties. 🙂

8am ~ Look who is checking out my breskfast!

9am ~ Bright and early and already been to the supermarket.

10am ~ Slinky helping me clean the bathroom.

11am ~ Met some friends at the new milkshake bar in town. I recommend the Chocolate Orange.Yummy.


12pm ~ Bobbed into a craft fair and bought this beautiful felted poppy brooch. I have purchased three paper ones…….I have a bad habit of losing them.


1pm ~ Puppy bath time 😀

2pm ~ Watching a boxset of Breaking Bad. We have just got into this show….better late than never!


3pm ~ Still on our Breaking Bad fest. Hugo is enjoying his chew.


4pm ~ A nice cuppa pukka vanilla chai. 😀


5pm ~ Making pasta sauce with passata, garlic and bacon.


6PM ~ My last photo of the day is Slinky whose new fave relaxing place is a ragrug by the radiator in the bedroom.

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 X

15 thoughts on “November Photo an Hour.”

  1. yes he is chewing a toy as we speek. Luckilly when we are out or at night he stays in his crate which he seems to like ( its his private space) and this means everything in the house remains intact……so far.

  2. Your Puppy is lovely so cute and I am glad you are enjoying Breaking Bad I refused to watch it for ages I thought it would be depressing but we couldn’t stop watching it once we started!

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