Let it Snow …….In The Movies.

We all love a Christmas film to cozy up to at this time of year…..but sometimes all it takes is a flurry of snow or even a twirl of a snowflake, to make us feel like snuggling with a mug of mulled wine. Here are just a few snowy scenes from the movies!


Heartwarming adventure in the arctic with Paul Walker ~ Eight Below ( 2006).


Furry hats, Ice palaces and love in the time of war ~ Doctor Zhivago ( 1965).


An unlikely Bob Sleigh team ( from Jamacia!) qualify for the Winter Olympics in Calgary ~ Cool Runnings(1993).


Lily Collins finds her handsome prince in this sweet adaption of Snow White ~ Mirror Mirror (2012).


Inspiring true life tale about how an Alaskan town gathered together to rescue three blue whales trapped under the ice ~ The Big Miracle (2012).

the snowman film 1982

A boy builds a snowman who comes to life and takes him on an adventure one winters night, before melting in the morning.Sob 😦 ~ The Snowman ( 1982).

the lion the witch

Four siblings travel to the magical land of Narnia through the back of a wardrobe. They discover it is their destiny to help defeat the White Witch Jadis who rules the kingdom under an icy grip ~ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ( 2005).


Romance and snowboarding find Kim ( Felicity Jones ) when she accepts a job as a chalet maid in this engaging chick flick ~ Chalet Girl (2011).


Hans Christian Andersons fairytale ‘The Snow Queen’ is brought to life in this beautiful looking Disney animation. I’ve yet to see this…..looks perfect for my winter film fest ~ Frozen (2013).


Classic tale of a gold hunters friendship with a wolf dog , starring Ethan Hawk ~ White Fang ( 1992).


Our favourite ‘singleton’ finds love for being ‘just the way you are’ with her own Mr Darcy ~ Bridget Jones Diary ( 2001).

What will you be watching this winter? :))


5 thoughts on “Let it Snow …….In The Movies.”

    1. I know! I’m way behind the times. I have even bought my niece an Ice Skating Elsa doll for Christmas and my god daughters Frozen lockets. So I do need to actually watch it!!

  1. Reblogged this on sunshine and celandines and commented:

    So I’m doing a bit of recycling of Christmas Posts again. 🙂 A few snowy snowy movies to enjoy this winter. Let me know of any others I can add. They don’t have to be Christmassy, just snowy. x

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