Yet to experience….Some Wintery Firsts.

I realised only the other day that I have never, ever ……tasted Egg Nog , the sweet egg, cream and bourbon based drink so symbolic of festive cheer. That got me thinking, what other wintery traditions and treats have I yet to experience?? Here are a few things I have still never tried in all my ( cough ! 41 shhhh..) Christmases.

Make a snow angel in the snow.

Try Wassail ~ a mulled cider drink.  I have now made my own Mulled Cider in a slow cooker, with bottled cider, a clove filled orange and cinnamon sticks, but have yet to try the traditional Wassail.

Keep my hands warm and cosy in a toasty muff.


Go to Midnight Mass.

Get my Hygge on and buy a Danish Pancake Pan and make Danish Pancakes known as Ebelskivers. 


Have a Skiing Lesson in the Snow.

Cook Christmas Dinner !  Sorry, I am no domestic goddess. 😉

Watch Frozen.  Aaaah I have watched Frozen since writing this post originally. 

Go Ice skating outdoors.


Spend Christmas in another Country.

Take part in a Boxing Day Swim. Brrrrrrrrr!! No thanks!!

Tenby Boxing Day Swim.

Visit Lapland. My sister has been with her kids and a friend is taking her daughter this year. Sooo jealous!

Is there anything in my list that you have yet to try? What would be on your winters ‘ Yet to experience’ list? I would love to know.:))