Yet to experience….Some Wintery Firsts.

I realised only the other day that I have never, ever ……tasted Egg Nog , the sweet egg, cream and bourbon based drink so symbolic of festive cheer. That got me thinking, what other wintery traditions and treats have I yet to experience?? Here are a few things I have still never tried in all my ( cough ! 41 shhhh..) Christmases.

Make a snow angel in the snow.

Try Wassail ~ a mulled cider drink.  I have now made my own Mulled Cider in a slow cooker, with bottled cider, a clove filled orange and cinnamon sticks, but have yet to try the traditional Wassail.

Keep my hands warm and cosy in a toasty muff.


Go to Midnight Mass.

Get my Hygge on and buy a Danish Pancake Pan and make Danish Pancakes known as Ebelskivers. 


Have a Skiing Lesson in the Snow.

Cook Christmas Dinner !  Sorry, I am no domestic goddess. 😉

Watch Frozen.  Aaaah I have watched Frozen since writing this post originally. 

Go Ice skating outdoors.


Spend Christmas in another Country.

Take part in a Boxing Day Swim. Brrrrrrrrr!! No thanks!!

Tenby Boxing Day Swim.

Visit Lapland. My sister has been with her kids and a friend is taking her daughter this year. Sooo jealous!

Is there anything in my list that you have yet to try? What would be on your winters ‘ Yet to experience’ list? I would love to know.:))

12 thoughts on “Yet to experience….Some Wintery Firsts.”

  1. I’ve done the Christmas dinner, Frozen and ice skating but none of the rest (although I might well have used a muff when I was a kid, I’ve got a vague recollection of some 1980’s handmuff and earmuff combination thingy) 🙂 xx

    1. Yes come to think of it….I may have worn one as a kid.I won’t count that though! I admire anyone who can cook Christmas lunch….or a sunday lunch for that matter.xx

  2. I want to spend Christmas in a log cabin a la the Last Christmas video. And it’s just come on the radio! Meant to be!

  3. Oooh, egg nog! Used to love it but I haven’t had any for years 🙂 I’d love a sunny Christmas in St. Lucia or somewhere warm (and no Christmas dinner to cook- it does get tedious when you do it every year 😦 )

  4. Do you ever go to Portugal for Xmas? Give yourself this Christmas off cooking and go out for lunch……or think about it for nexy year.Done that before and it was good..xx

  5. I haven’t done most of those either – I have cooked Christmas Lunch a couple of times and I do like mulled ciders but that’s it for me from this list!

    1. Maybe we both should try and do something we never have before, this Winter. I certainly have not been very adventurous since I originally posted! Bring on the egg nog.:)

  6. There’s a lot there I’ve never done. We go to Midnight Mass-it helps the kids to have a lie-in Christmas Day morning!
    One other thing I’ve never had-Figgy pudding. Every time they sing it in the Carol I wonder just what the Noel it could be!

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