Merry Christmas :-D

Just one more day of pre Christmas madness in my job ( work in a supermarket ) so expecting to witness a few mad trolley dashes for the last sprout/ wedge of stilton, before I get away this evening! Plan doing absolutely nothing tonight except cracking opening the wine, munching on mince pies and watching some Christmas telly. Oh and I have to wrap a few bits up for Hugo.I suspect our pup will want to get in on any unwrapping action tommorrow.:)

Its just Wil and I on Christmas day ( apart for a planned little Xmas morning walk with some pals and their pooches) so I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing time. I really can’t wait!

Anyway I wish all my blogging friends and folk who do me the honor of dropping by my little piece of cyber space occasionally ~ a very Merry Christmas. Xx

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas :-D”

  1. It sounds a nice way to spend the day. I remember when I was working how I couldn’t wait to be ‘let out’ 🙂 Yesterday morning was clear and crisp and there were lots of dog walkers about on our riverside walk. Very best wishes to you for a restful holiday and a wonderful year ahead.

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