2015 Bucket List.

I have not really made any New Years Resolutions for a few years, so I thought 2015 may be the time to start. I will write a Bucket List of a few things I would like to do this year…… and see how many I can cross off. Sounds like a plan!


Learn how to use my new camera properly. I’m terrible at skimming over instructions and not using things to their full potential.

Photograph that elusive kingfisher. I see them so often, it drives me mad that I still don’t have any photographic proof. Patience….and my new camera should help this year!

Pack my beautiful vintage suitcase for a mini break with the other half. Poor old thing ( suitcase that is 😉 ) hasn’t been anywhere yet.

Eat healthier and yes lose weight.  The past year ( I blame my penchant for tea rooms and cake , and blogging about tea rooms and cake) I have gained over a stone. Not funny when your a shorty and the wrong side of forty. sob. 😦

Make a meal from produce bought on roadside stalls/honesty boxes/farms. Might be something to try if we go camping.

Go glamping! Never mind Camping. Might be nice to go upmarket for a change. Could take Vintage suitcase….

Decorate the spare room. Its a very uninspiring box room at the moment and is used for drying laundry/general dumping ground.Maybe we can
turn it into a beach hut. 🙂

Visit London.Its been a while.

Watch an outdoor screening of a film.

Read twelve books. I hardly read anymore so I think one book per month would be quite a challenge.Any recommendations?

Wish me luck. What would be on your Bucket List?

9 thoughts on “2015 Bucket List.”

      1. Hmm, well some I’ve really enjoyed over the past year are The Girl With All the Gifts, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

  1. Gone Girl is a good one to start with…very thrilling! I love your list. Definitely have to balance the tearooms with the gym 😀

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