January Photo an Hour.

The lovely Louisa from Duck in a Dress  has taken over the mantle from Janey of organizing Photo An Hour every month. For January she chose last Saturday. We happen to be on holiday at the moment in a cottage on the Cumbrian coast. Wils brother and his wife came over for the night.So my pics include some sea, booze and food. 🙂


9am. A lovely lie in ( hurrah!) and a spot of breakfast telly.


10am. Hugo is still small enough to be picked up for a cuddle. 🙂


11am. Out and about on the beach in the front of the cottage.


Noon. Cheesy lunch!


1pm. Headed out to Ulverston ( the nearest town) and we are about to climb up to the John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill. This pic was taken at about half past really. It didn’t take an hour to get to the top!


2pm. View from the top of Hoad Hill, looking out toward Morecambe Bay.


3pm. Rainbow in Ulverston. :))


4pm. Sheltering from the rain in a pub in Ulverston.


5pm. Back to the cottage and Wil lit the fire. Its toasty!


6pm.  Watching ‘Pointless Celeberities’ before we go out for tea.


7pm. Enjoying a cider….and another toasty fire in the Farmers Arms at Baycliff, the tiny village we are stopping in.


8pm. Tea in the pub. An amazingly tasty burger.

And thats it for my photos.But when I get home I’m sure I will post a few blogs about my stay here. Its such a lovely place and we adore the cottage. 🙂

6 thoughts on “January Photo an Hour.”

    1. We’ve been really lucky! We have had to stay pretty close to the cottage…..as even a trip to Windermere made poor Hugo sick.We have seen a tarn on the map thats not far in the car for this aft and were off for tea at the Farmers again this eve.x

  1. Pointless Celebrities usually pops up in my Photo an Hour, but it didn’t this month!

    Just doing my post for next month and picking a date, looks like it’ll be 21st February – see you then 🙂

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