Early Birdie.

Wandering home from work the other day I noticed this sign in my local AGE UK charity shop. 🙂


I like going in there for a teacup rummage…..but most of the charity shops in my town ( including this one) have put the prices up on Vintage Crockery. 😦 An ‘Early Bird Discount’ though was a great reason to head to the shops on a teacup treasure hunt!
So bright and early I  pegged it into town with my beadie eyes at the ready to bag a bargain. I literally galloped round the shop grabbing at cups and saucers until I realised there were actually no other early birds there ( tee hee) so I was safe to browse until the clock struck half past. In the end I only bought two pairs of trios and a hand full of vintage brooches….but they are quite pretty and were also half price. 🙂

earlybirdie 001

I have two ‘Duchess Ivy’ trios which were £2 each and two ‘Salisbury’ floral trios which were £3 each. My plan is to make them into teacup candles for my sadly neglected Teacup candle Stall . My first craft fair is booked for March so I had better get making !

earlybirdie 002earlybirdie 006earlybirdie 003

My trio of brooches were £1.50 each and my plan is to pin them to vintage playing cards and sell them on my stall too. They are so shiny!

earlybirdie 004

Whilst I took photos of my treasures Slinky the cat supervised. I think she was a bit put out that I was disturbing her cat nap though.

earlybirdie 010

Are you a fan of vintage teacups?

4 thoughts on “Early Birdie.”

  1. These are fab finds, well done!
    I have noticed that charity shop prices are rising – sometimes the price of a dress in a charity shop is more than buying a new one! I feel bad about discussing it because it is supposed to be raising funds for good causes.

    I have always adored tea sets and used to collect them about 10 years ago before the vintage craze took off. I use mine every day, its a real treat to have a tray of tea rather than a mug. I think I am old fashioned.

    Vintage tea candles are great, I use up all my old wax over and over again and they look so pretty lit up in my bathroom.

    good luck with your stall.

    1. Aw thank you! Yes charity shops are loads more expensive these days. I think its because vintage and retro items have become so popular and charity shops are now more clued up on what things sell for on ebay etc. Its a double edged sword of course ….as they want to raise as much as possible for their causes. I’m glad of the early bird idea though!

      I do like tea sets but I am terrible at keeping them ! I always seem to transform them into either candles or cake stands or trinket stands for my stall. My friend gave me a teacup with poppies on. So I keep that for myself. 🙂

  2. Well done, some great finds! Yes, some charity shops are a bit pricey. The RSPCA seems to be the cheapest! I love your serviette thingy, very pretty! x

  3. Thanks Mell. Yes i agree that the RSPCA one is probably the most reasonable and sometimes the salvation army one. But that is hardly ever open! I might head over to Accrington or Skipton for my next lot.x

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