February ~ Photo an hour.

I  joined in again with Janey and  Louisas  #photoanhour on Instagram.  It was Saturday and for me, it involved pets, friends, food and booze. Just a typical weekend then. πŸ˜‰


9am ~ Blueberries in my breakfast.


10am ~ Hugo is full of beans!


11am ~ Flicking through the NEXT catalogue.


Noon ~ Lunch in a pretty tea rooms  in Whalley with  a friend.


1pm ~ Pudding is yummy.Eton Mess.


2pm ~ I bought this wine.Purely for the label of course!


3pm ~ Walking through the castle grounds.


4pm ~ Admiring this Mermaid necklace in Chillimoon( my friends shop).


5pm ~ Enjoying a cup of raspberry tea at home.


6pm ~ Swapped tea for beer.Well Guiness actually. Down the local!


7pm ~ Our friends springer Mollie.A proper pub dog. πŸ˜€


8pm ~ Back home and its Sainsburys Indian for tea.


9pm ~ We are actually watching Greyfriars Bobby which I recorded on Freeview.


10pm ~ Saturday nights rock don’t they!  Here I am already thinking about going to snoozeville. But will Slinky let me in bed? zzzzzzzzz

So that was my day.How was yours?

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11 thoughts on “February ~ Photo an hour.”

  1. Yay, thanks for taking part! That Eton Mess does look delicious and Hugo is ever so cute. Saturday 21st March will be the next photo an hour – see you then! πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Are you on Instagram? There is one this saturday #photoanhour organized by duckinadress.people sometimes post live on instagram or twitter every hour then do a blog post about it.Or you can just take pics with your camera every hour and blog.x

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