Photo an hour ~ March.

I think it may be twelve months since I first joined in with the #photoanhour challenge on Instagram. Its still going strong and Janey and Louisa do a good job of organizing everyone so if you fancy having a go in April you can follow both girls on Twitter. Anyway the Saturday just gone was the day Louisa chose for March. Here in the North West it turned out to be a sunny spring day. Perfect for popping through the park to the shops and taking the dooog to a beer garden. :0).


8AM ~ Browsing through a magazine in bed. Slinky seems to be giving me dirty looks here. Think she wants the bed to herself.


9AM ~ Wil had already been to the shops, walked Hugo, and done a load of washing before I got up. He had even bought croissants. He really is a star. 🙂


10AM ~ The daffodils are blooming in the park. I’m off to do some errands in town.


11AM ~ Admiring the Easter display in the supermarket. How lovely do they look!


12PM ~ Heres Hugo being a big softy. He is a real cuddle monster. 🙂


1PM ~ Back in the park and taking pictures for my Park Life post. Spring is really here as blossom is starting to bloom.


2PM ~ Met up with friends and kids to watch a circus clown performance in st Marys Church Hall. Friends with kids are always handy for accompanying you to on outings like this. 🙂


3PM ~ Still clowning around…


4PM ~ Found Wil and Hugo enjoying a pint in the sunshine. It was Beer Garden weather.


5PM ~ A piccie of the cockeyed pink flamingo necklace I have been wearing today.


6PM ~ Tea by the telly.Thats Paloma Faith on the box by the way.


7PM ~ My last photo of the day.Myself and two friends.We were out to celebrate Fi’s 40th Bday. Fi, Jo and I have known each other since we lived on the same street in our twenties.How time flies!

So there you have it.Maybe you would like to join in in April? X


11 thoughts on “Photo an hour ~ March.”

  1. Yay, thanks for taking part! It was a lovely sunny day and great to see so many of the photo an hour pics featuring blue skies and spring flowers. Loving the flamingo necklace as well, that’s fab! 🙂 xx

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