I’m Home

This is a lovely blog to follow if anyone would like to add it to their reader feed. Kitty is a vintage loving, bicycle riding ( usually in a dress!) owner of a Cornish holiday park with a difference. Think showmans waggons and cute cabins. She’s new back on WordPress so give her a follow lovely people. 🙂

The Eagle and Other Things

Pink Flamingo

Hello there it’s been a while I know but I have decided to come home to this blog. I tried moving away and starting a new one but I missed you all and it felt a bit lonely over there.

I also found it quite stressful if the truth be told, I found myself worrying about the content far more than ever before. For some reason I started feeling stressed about the statistics and wether my posts were good enough. So I decided enough was enough, this blog was never meant to make me worried. In the past I have always enjoyed it and so I am back for the foreseeable future.

I don’t know why I did it I started to think my blog needed to do more and be more professional it doesn’t really does it it’s nice and friendly over here in the world of wordpress.com, I like…

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