April Adventures!

BOOKS ~ Two books were on my reading list in April. The raucous reinvention of a socially awkward Wolverhampton school girl into the Top hat wearing sex mad rock chick music critic ‘Dolly Wilde’ is the subject of Caitlin Moran’s brilliantly funny  coming of age novel ‘How To Build A Girl.’


I must admit I have bizarrely only just heard of Moran after watching ‘Raised by Wolves’ on the telly,which she co- penned with her sister.Why Why Why had I not heard of her before?? I shall now be hunting out all her other novels pronto! I also enjoyed historical romance Spare Brides by Adele Parks.Set a couple of years after the First World War , this story centres around the lives of four upper class women, looking for love/their places in the world after the Great War took away the lives they might have had. Luxury and glamour is tinged with sadness and expectancy in this Downtonesque drama.

Movies~ I bought Paddington on dvd and really loved the magical tale of this polite Peruvian bear’s search for a home in London ~ and now a marmalade sandwich tucked under ones hat does seem pretty essential.Enjoyed Nicole Kidman’s performance as a terrifying taxidermist!


Easter Fun ~ It was good to have a few days off over Easter ( even if the car did break down!) and it was fun to meet up with pals and kids and Bertie and Walter ( two mischevious  Bichons 🙂 ) for an impromptu Easter egg hunt. Heres a piccie of us all putting on our best ‘Say Cheeses’ for the camera.


Food and Drink ~ Theres been a couple of new places opened in my hometown this month , so of course I had to have a nosy! See my post about the great new coffee & cocktail bar Escape Coffee & Cocktails. Right next door is The Ale House , a rough and ready Micro pub with a beer fest atmosphere, selling a selection of cask ale, cider and craft beers. There are retro board games, old Beano annuals and even a vintage Bunty upstairs. I’m sure I will do a post about it soon! April was also my sisters birthday and we went out for a delicious afternoon tea at Mitton Hall near Whalley.Check out my blog here.

Guilty Pleasures ~ Shhhhhhh for the past eight weeks or so I have been hooked on a reality tv show.Ok Siberia not a real reality tv show but a mockumentry about 12 contestants abandoned in a Siberian forest to fend for themselves and win $500000 prize money. Theres some creepy stuff going on though including gruesome killings and the film crew abandons them ( except the odd conveniently placed camera man!) so now they are working as a team to get the hell outta there.One more episode to be aired.I think only the first season was ever made.Does anyone else out there watch it?? Sundays 9pm Pick Tv.

Spring Blossom~ April does have to be all about the Spring blossom doesn’t it.Apple, Cherry, Blackthorn and Magnolia.Its wonderful and should be around for a little while yet. 🙂

What have you been up to this April?


6 thoughts on “April Adventures!”

  1. I like the look of the new coffee shop… might try it next time we’re in Clitheroe (we are regular-ish visitors to the area, some family live in West Bradford!)

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