Scavenger Hunt April.

This month I thought I would join in with the photo Scavenger Hunt created by Greenthumb at Made With Love. The idea is to get out and about with your camera and snap away to correspond with the items on her list. There is no mention that you can’t cheat a little and use a few piccies you already have.Still, I have had to resort to my archives a lot more than I thought I would ! Hopefully I will do better next time….

Aprils List.

march castle pictures 003
Upside down ~ Heres a squirrel in my local park. There are lots of grey furry trapeze artists living in the trees there.

Driftwood2 065
Clouds ~ This one was taken in January when we holidayed on the Cumbrian coast with our labrador pup Hugo. Big skies and endless beaches.

2014-07-26 14.10.37
Chair ~ This is one from the archives too. A stuffed fox surveys the room from his arm chair in the ‘Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature’ which we visited in Paris last summer.


Something Sweet. ~ Its Hugo before his walk a few days ago. He is a sweetie and has even fashioned his lead into a halo here. 😉

bluetits 001

Growth ~ Spring blossom in the park.


Glass ~ Went out with some friends and their kids for a drink one saturday afternoon. Here are my god daughters playing with their dolls in the window. 🙂

easter 2015 006
Bedroom ~ Its my bedroom , looking tidy for a change.Ha Ha :).


Rain ~ Well there were a few April showers so heres the inside of my brolly.


Egg ~ Daffodils, an Easter Egg and an Easter…..hare. 🙂


Fresh ~ My boyfriend and I had lunch out one Saturday at Cheesy Tchaikovsky in Clitheroe. My salad was soo fresh and delicious.

mod weekend 031
Feet ~ I took this picture back in September at the Ribble Valley Mod Weekender. I love the lady passenger’s boots.

Its a kestrel !
Its a kestrel !

Whatever you want ~ I went on a walk down by the river last weekend and spied this kestrel hovering above me. A magic moment. 🙂

If you want to join in with the hunt in May check out the Scavenger Hunt list here.

18 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt April.”

  1. Hugo is so cute wanting to go for a walk! I’ll have to check out the scavenger hunt. What a great way to get out to grab some pictures.

    1. Hugo is the cutest.He loves his walks.:-D Thanks for the follow, have followed you back.You will have to try the May list which is up now.

  2. Glad you decided to take part this month and I really enjoyed your selection. Love the squirrel, Hugo and the kestrel. Will look up that cafe next time I’m in Clitheroe. My favourite shot though is Clouds – that view is just stunning. x

    1. Oh thank you Jules.I hope to make it a regular thing.:) That view was certainly stunning ~ its the beach at Baycliff nr Ulverston.x

  3. Lovely photos, you’ve captured all the words very well. The salad looks very tasty and I love the blossom and the squirrel also the clouds on the beach and the kestrel. I remember having a pair of boots like that in the late 60s – they were shiny cream with stretchy tops – wore them with a mini skirt and maxi coat:)

  4. I’m so glad that you joined in our hunt, Sharon! I enjoyed each photo, but I am a sucker for sweet dogs and loved Hugo with his leash! The cloud photo with its gorgeous reflections is spectacular. You caught a great snap of the squirrel; I keep trying to photograph them but they are very frisky! Happy hunting next month!

    1. The squirrels here are all over the park and pretty tame so quite easy to photograph amazingly.I think Hugo features quite a bit on my blog…but don’t think he minds. 🙂

  5. Welcome to the hunt! What great photos you have taken and selected. Nice to start off with the cute squirrel ~ I also thought your salad looked very fresh, and my mouth is watering 😉 Hugo brought a smile ~ already for his walk 🙂 Great idea about the brolly, and congratulations on your tidy bedroom!!! Hope you enjoy taking the May photos!

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