Scavenger Hunt May.

Its the end of the month  so I thought i would join in again with Greenthumb’s Photo Scavenger Hunt. I have managed to source all my pictures from May’s adventures. Most of them are from my trip to London and some are from nearer home. It was quite a challenge!

skipton waterways festival 064Blue ~  Pale blue Heron on a blue barge background at the Skipton Waterways Festival which was at the beginning of May.

london 038

Crystal ~  Not sure whether Sulphur is classed as crystal?? Spotted on my visit to London at the Natural History Museum.

phil and vickys wedding 007

Vintage ~  Love this pretty shabby chic Vintage bike at a friends wedding over the Bank Holiday. 🙂

skipton waterways festival 003

Fluff ~  Dandelion Clocks are every country gals way of telling the time….


Global ~ Old fashioned Globe I spied in the V&A gift shop.

london 054

Mask ~  Can teapots wear masks? I think so! Mad Hatters Afternoon tea at The Sanderson Hotel near Soho. Post coming soon…

london 016

Bus ~ Still in London ( can you tell! ) and a shot of a bus taken from er, a bus!

london 097

Frame ~  Framed cat’s behaviour in Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium , a Cat Cafe I visited in Bethnal Green. ~^^~

newton to sburn 024

Collection ~ Impressive eggcup collection in a cottage window in Slaidburn, a pretty Hodder Valley village not far from where I live.

london 023

Poster ~  Poster for the Alexander Mcqueen Exhibition ‘ Savage Beauty’ which I was lucky enough to go to. Its well worth seeing if your ever at the V&A over the summer.


Ribbon ~  It would have been fab to use a shot of Maypole ribbons here but that wasn’t to be. Instead its some retro sweets tied up with a teeny ribbon.Can you see it? Don’t worry Slinky didn’t run off with them. ~^^~

london 142

Whatever I Want ~  My fave pic I took in May was of this green parakeet in a London park. Apparently there is a whole population of them living wild down there. Love it. 🙂

To see more Scavenger Hunt photos bob on over to Made With Love for a peek. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt May.”

  1. This is a great collection of photos, well done! I still need crystal but I’m working on it so I should be able to post mine tomorrow after I’ve taken that photo! I have the same for ‘fluff’!

    It’s not too late to join in with 30 days wild! You don’t have to blog everyday or anything, you can join in however it suits you.

    1. Hi thanks. I think I did stretch it a bit with the masks and ribbon. Looking forward to seeing your pics. I have signed up for thirty days wild via email so waiting for some ideas though have wrote down a few. 🙂

  2. The new list and the link up should appear on the last day of May – they usually do, or occasionally the first of the next month – we are early! I can’t wait to see what’s on the new list!

    Yes, I did grow the salt crystals … took 5 mins to mix the salt water and then left the saucer in a warm room over night and in the morning there were my tiny crystals – very easy – though they didn’t turn out as impressive as I’d envisaged – I’m sure there are better ways of doing it!

    This is roughly what I did –

  3. A very enjoyable selection of photos, starting with the blue heron on the blue background. The expression on the cat’s face as he looked up made me smile ~ I think he was waiting to be on its own before having a go at the ribbon and goodies. Loved the photo of the bus, from a bus 😉

  4. Have enjoyed your photos, I love the heron on blue and also the bike on vintage and global too. I like the sound of the cat cafe and love your cat guarding the sweets:)

  5. That vintage bike is my fave of my pics i think. my cat does look like she wants to get into the sweets…but don’t worry only cat food and cat treats for her. 🙂

  6. These are great, the parakeet shot is super- I’d like to see one too! That is definitely a crystal! I love the mugs in hats!!!!x

  7. Fantastic picture of the Parakeet. Each time I look at it I miss the bird, then have to work to find it. I think it’s because I expect the leaves to be green and then I don’t see the bird. It really makes me think. Really like that picture,

  8. Wonderful collection, Shazza! The blue heron is striking! And, yes, sulphur can form crystals, of which this photo showed a beautiful example. The last photo is really surprising, in the sense that my eyes were drawn to the flowers and I didn’t see the parrot at first. Then suddenly I spotted the beak and it all snapped in place. It’s like an optical illusion, and I enjoyed that! Happy hunting in May!

  9. Great interpretations. Love the barge art and the vintage bike. Also impressed with global – that was the toughest for me this month. x

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