May Moments.

Books ~ Not doing as well on the old reading front this month. I read The Rosie Effect by Graham Simsion earlier in May but It didn’t really float my boat. 😥 Maybe because this is a follow up to his previous book ‘The Rosie Project’ which I haven’t actually read, I couldn’t really get into the story.All the characters just annoyed me! I also started on Ali mcNamara’s From Notting Hill With Love Actually but it is still lingering barely touched on my bedside cabinet. The plot looks fun ~ its about a girl who constantly daydreams that her life could be like her favourite movies. I will persevere!
On the Telly ~ Did anyone catch the brilliantly funny Peter Kay comedy Car Share this month? It started off slowly but by the final episode I loved it! Maybe it was because I could identify with the characters.I too work in a supermarket so some of the plotlines did make me giggle. Peter Kay was funny but it was the bubbly Sian Gibson who really had the LOL moments. And I loved the ‘Forever FM’ soundtrack on the car radio.I’m hoping there will be a ‘ Now thats what I called Forever FM’ cd out soon! 😉


Pooch Package ~ Hugo was wagging his tail with glee ( honest he was, though he looks a bit worried in the above piccie) when he received his fantastic ‘Pooch Package’ in the post from Flynn the Pointer. 🙂 The lovely Emma at Oh Gosh Blog organised a pressie swap for pets so of course I signed up Hugo. Hugo and I sent his swap buddie Flynn some goodies too….and we hear he was very chuffed!


Lots to Love in London A couple of weeks ago a friend and I visited ‘the Big Smoke’ and highlights of our trip included a Mad Hatters Afternoon tea, The Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A , Lunch in a Cat Cafe and a wander round the Natural History Museum. You can read about our trip here.

The Natural History Museum.
The Natural History Museum.

Bags of Joy ~ I treated myself. :0) To a new bag! And its perfect for summer. I love a good satchel and this beauty from Cambridge Satchel Company is just my bag. 🙂

ppark life june 033

Its proper name is a ‘Batchel’ as cleverly it’s a cross between a bag and a satchel. The straps can be taken off so you can carry it like a clutch bag too. It has magnetic fastening clasps for ease of use. But mostly I just love the colour ~ a cool Alpine Blue. 🙂

What have you enjoyed in May?


8 thoughts on “May Moments.”

  1. Hi Shaza, good post! 🙂 You asked what your readers enjoyed about May. For me May has been a tough month work wise. You would think that with two bank holidays and having shorter working weeks would help, but it seemed to have made the weeks even longer! Recreationally I have visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park and enjoyed watching their Polar Bear Pixel swim in his enclosure. I enjoyed following the street art of ducks in Liverpool and then the weekend after saw the Three Queens (Cunard passenger ships) visit the city, though it was freezing cold it was a spectacle! I have enjoyed cooking, Jollof Rice and many versions of soups with home made wholemeal loaves have been amongst a few to mention. We also saw the Peter Kay programme, David is a bigger fan than I but I found it entertaining too! Look forward to your next post!

  2. You have certainly had a jam packed month! I saw your post about the Three Queens. It must have been a sight to behold. Glad you liked Car Share. It kind of grew on me. Here’s to an exciting June. :0)

  3. It was so nice to discover your blog. I love your new bag – it will be perfect for summer. As to what I have enjoyed about May, we had some glorious cloudy days (here in southern California) and a little bit of much needed rain. We even had some marine air move in and I so enjoyed the fog. Wishing you a great week. My best to you, Pat

    1. Thanks, I love the bag and it was nice to check out your blog too. It feels funny to hear someone say they loved cloud , rain and fog! Here in Northern England today you would not think it is June. Its raining heavily, the wind is howling and it’s cold!

  4. That is one stunning bag – it’s colour is perfect for spring and summer that’s for sure. May for me was fun, got my veg patch all sorted up. Husband turned 30 and we had a fun weekend celebrating with our nephews and niece.

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