June Jottings.


Reading ~ H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald. Oh dear I’ve stalled again on the book front.Started this tale of falconry and family ties a couple of weeks ago …yet now it languishes by my bedside. Hope to take it with me camping (again) next week. It looks the kind of story worthy of reading outdoors.And the cover is beautiful. 🙂

Watching ~ After being completely hooked and traumatised by the latest season of Game of Thrones ( Jon Snow!!!!!) I looked to ‘Lovefilm’ to send me something in the post to cheer me up( yes I’m still postal) and Orange Is The New Black crashed onto the doormat. Yep I’m late to the party as usual but hey I am now completely absorbed in the incarcerated lives of Piper, Alex, Red and even Crazy Eyes etc. Are you a fan?

Have not watched many films recently but I did quite enjoy little known rom-com drama Barefoot ( 2014) starring Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman. Wood plays Daisy,a ditzy psychiatric patient who is taken under the wing by Jay ( Speedman) or at least taken by Jay, to be his plus one at a family wedding.Jay is a bit of a selfish ass and black sheep of the family to boot…but Daisy’s quirkiness and innocence soon captivates even him.This movie is a bit of a guilty pleasure.It got terrible reviews on Rottentomatoes but hey don’t let that put you off….


Holidaying ~  Summer is here. Really! This year our breaks away are going to be mainly camping …and maybe even some Glamping.Watch this space.. .. In June we took the tent to Masons Campsite in Appletreewick in the Yorkshire Dales. Its a gorgeous little site in idyllic scenery ,by a river with free roaming chickens and hair dryers in the shower block.Best of both worlds really. 🙂 You can read about our stay here. 🙂

Masons Farm Campsite.
Masons Farm Campsite.

Loving Orla Kiely.~ Although I’m still a ‘Cath Kidston’kind of girl , i’m a teeny bit in love with Orla at the mo.Find myself yearning for cushions like these….

The Irish designer famous for her stem, pear & flower designs in bold retro prints has collaberated with Douwe Egberts coffee. You can still find the pretty jars in supermarkets , so i’ve started off my Orla Kiely collection. Expect an Orla inspired post soon.:)

The Douwe Egberts coffee canisters make cute vases, storage jars etc.

Going Wild ~ This month I participated in The Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild challenge. I’ve been learning to appreciate nature and wildlife every day in June, just by taking more notice of things around me really. There are still a few days left actually so keep checking back on my progress. I’ve yet to get paddling in a stream!

yorks2 073

7 thoughts on “June Jottings.”

  1. I’ve got that book on order at the library, just waiting for it to come in.
    And I was an avid watcher of Thrones, but I stopped watching after that wedding rape scene. Heard about the Jon Snow thing, though.

    1. I watch it….from behind a cushion actually.Its the only show where my teeth start chattering!I get very emotionally invested in the characters. H is for Hawk is hopefully going to get finished soon.I hope your all ok.I loved your Rydal pictures.Bless him.

  2. Love OITNB – we’re on series 3 now (free trial of Netflix!) I still get my LoveFilm delivered by post – it’s a little bit exciting not knowing what will plop thru your letter box next! Hope you can persevere with H for Hawk. I loved it! Not sure you’ll get to paddle in a stream before Wednesday – have you seen how low the Ribble is!

  3. I paddled in a stream today! I joined Hugo in Mearley Brook ~ it was freezing.Still on Season One of OITNB but really enjoying it. I like getting Lovefilm by post for the very same reason.:)

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