30 Days Wild ~ Days 27-30. Borage Lemonade and Peacocks.


As #30dayswild draws to a close, here is what I got up to in the last few days.

Day 27 ~ Paddle In a Stream. I had been putting off getting my feet wet all through the challenge….but day 27 seemed like the perfect day to dip my toes in. Hugo encouraged me to paddle in Mearley Brook with him whilst he played his favourite game of catching stones and splashing around like a maniac. It was freezing!

Day 28 ~  Make Borage flavoured Lemonade.  The Borage plant that I bought at the beginning of the month has started flowering so I looked for Borage recipes. It had to be easy of course ( I’m a terrible cook! ) and this one let me use the pretty blue flowers as well. To make Borage Lemonade all you need is:

Quarter a cup of lemon juice.
2 cups water.
2/3 tablespoons sugar.
3/4 borage leaves.

And then simply whizz all together in a blender. Decorate with the flowers. This drink was very refreshing and healthy looking. Tasted good too!


Day 29 ~ Met a few Peacocks. We had to go down the tip this evening, which was ok by me as I got to see the resident Peacocks. I’m not sure what a collective group of peacocks is called…but there are a whole family of them living at the local tip. They are noisy, beautiful and serene. It was a pleasure to see them. 🙂

Male Peacock.
Male Peacock.
Female Peacock.
Female Peacock.

Day 30 ~ Hot Hot Hot. Wow today is so hot out there. Below is the view I see every day when I’m taking Hugo down the fields. It’s quite a hazy summer’s day. My walk has made me want to paddle in the brook again and drink borage lemonade. Ha ha. 🙂



During the time it took to walk Hugo this afternoon this flower in my back yard bloomed….and got chomped. Talk about speedy!

#30dayswild this June has been a great experience..and made me notice different aspects of nature more, such as scents and sounds and textures. I will apply this to my future sightings. Just being outdoors is truly a beautiful thing. 🙂

9 thoughts on “30 Days Wild ~ Days 27-30. Borage Lemonade and Peacocks.”

  1. Lovely end to 30 Days Wild. I live quite ‘wild’ anyway – I do seek out nature and time outdoors and do notice all the different aspects of nature, but this month I have definitely made more effort to go out every single day and I’ve made things last longer so that I’ve not done anything ‘wild’ for less that half an hour in June! I’m absolutely shattered now though – the wild things are fine, it’s the daily blogging, tweeting, sorting photos etc that has killed me – too many late nights!

    The next thing – #staywild – will be much easier!

  2. Oh absolutely, we’re off camping again for a few days so i’m going to go on a social media ban. You were so much more thorough than me with your daily updates. I can look back at yours if I see any insects or flowers I don’t know as I think you found them all on your many walks.:)

  3. What a fantastic end to your 30 days wild! I’ve loved reading the blogs you’ve shared! My Borage seedlings have a long way to go before they flower, though maybe one will in the coming months? Keep blogging. I look forward to your other posts! 🙂 x

  4. Just been catching up with your 30 Days Wild and really enjoyed your entries. The borage lemondade is a great idea – I’m going to look for some next time we’re at the garden centre! x

  5. This has been a nice series 🙂 Is there a sequel? I don’t see why July can’t be wild as well. That borage lemonade looks very pretty. Wish I knew what borage tasted like 🙂

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