Happy Blog Birthday Giveaway.

Wow July is a bit of a month for celebrating!  This month the Other Half and I will have been going out Ten years. TEN Years!  Quite an achievement I hear you say. Also in July I recieved a letter from work congratulating me on my Long Service.Eeeek , I won’t tell you how long ….as it will reveal how ancient I actually am….But yay I do get a few goodies which is always nice.  Oh and I mustn’t forget the best anniversary of all ( ok the second best 😉 ).This bloggity blog has a Birthday. Its 3 years old!!  I’m so impressed that I’m still managing to find stuff to post after three whole years, that I think I will have to indulge in a little Giveaway. Just to say thanks to you for actually stopping by once in a while. IT means a lot. <3<3


So I’m giving away this pretty Wooden Flower Press. I bought it recently from The Orchid House in Keswick. With a colourful floral pattern and chunky screws it certainly takes me back to my childhood. If you fancy preserving a few summer flowers why not comment below. Simply tell me your favourite flower and your favourite childhood toy/game. All entries will be put in a flower pot and a winner randomly chosen at the end of the month.

Thanks guys! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday Giveaway.”

  1. Congratulations on all your great news. Loving the give away, it’s so old school!
    I like most flowers but think hydrangeas are one of my favourite – think they are so pretty in blue.
    As for childhood game I was a child who loved role play. Was always putting on shows for the family – lucky them!

      1. Hmm okay, let me think about my favourite flower… hmm, I think it would be orchids. They are fascinating. And my favourite childhood toy was my stuffed rabbit 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Funnily enough it’s just been my 3rd blogiversary and I can’t quite believe it either! And I’m not far off a long service record – we have a lot in common! x

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