July Photo an Hour.

Saturday was Photo an Hour day arranged by Janey at Is that You Darling and Louisa at Duck in a Dress so I thought I would join in on Instagram and now on here. This is how my day went….image

8am ~ Eating Marmite on toast and Slinky looks interested. 🙂image

9am ~ Gave my Mum a ring for a catch up. She gets up pretty early so I knew she wouldn’t be having a lie in.image

10am ~ I recently bought this cook book which appears to feature recipes that are gluten free,dairy free and sugar free! I could do with that glow though ,so making a list of ingredients I will need to buy. Most of her dishes seem to contain coconut oil.image

11am ~ Hugo probably thinking ‘Oh no not another picture , Human’.image

12 Noon ~ A spot of lunch. Pea and ham soup. My favourite.image

1pm ~ Having a mooch uptown. Its quite a nice day though rather breezy.image

2pm ~ We take Hugo down the fields. Usually he is off lead but we saw some sheep further down. He is good and just ignores them but of course its better to be safe than sorry.image

3pm ~ I had taken my camera along specifically to take photos of butterflies. Wil carried on with Hugo and I lurked around the undergrowth chasing insects. This is a Comma I think and there were a few fluttering round this woodchip.image

4pm ~ I’m still out but heading home through the white clover filled fields.image

5pm ~ We are preparing this monkfish curry ( but with cod as couldn’t find any monkfish) from the Madeleine Shaw cook book I mentioned earlier. It turned out ok but not as tasty as I thought it would be. Have you ever made Cauliflower rice? Its basically grated cauliflower!image

6pm ~ Tonight I’m wearing a Peapod necklace…image

7pm ~ We are meeting some friends in the pub. Gutted there is no beer garden.


8pm ~ Drinking cider and whenever I go to the Ale House in Clitheroe I have to glance through the resident 1980 Bunty annual. 🙂 I didn’t take any more pics after. That cider was 7.5 % . Slight hangover today.

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


13 thoughts on “July Photo an Hour.”

  1. I like these posts, seeing your day unfold! Love your shoes! they are gorgeous!
    Not so sure about the cauliflower rice… why is it that health food involves some form of subterfuge or other? I think some of the things that they replace ‘unhealthy foods’ with are worse than healthy – butter is a fine example. But cauliflower rice, that is a new one on me!
    I love cauliflower – its great raw dipped in humus, but not so good as a rice substitute I guess. why not have er… rice?

    1. Thanks about the shoes. I love the colour. 🙂
      The cauliflower rice was a bit of a faff. I expect I will just stick with normal rice in the future!

  2. I was in your part of the world on Saturday! A five mile walk and admiring some gorgeous clover fields 🙂 This looks like a lovely Saturday – a relaxing day, as weekends should be 🙂

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