July Round Up.


On The Box ~ Binge watched a whole load of ‘Penny Dreadful’ episodes. I love this show which is set in Victorian England and brings to life many gothic favourites such as Frankenstein and Dorian Grey. Reeve Carney and Josh Hartnett are total eyecandy. 🙂 And Eva Green is just mesmorising as the mysterious Vanessa Ives. Also this month I enjoyed the BBC adaptation of ‘The Outcast’ (heartbreaking and beautiful) and I’m still obsessed with ‘Orange is the New Black’ of course…


Glamping ~ This month we tried Glamping for the first time.Three nights in a cozy Shepherd’s Hut in The Lake District. REALLY recommend it.Read   my post if you fancy a little tour of the snug interior of Gerdy Hut.

Books ~ Mysteries are solved over tea and iced buns in ‘The Mystery of The Clockwork Sparrow’ a Charming tale of mobsters amongst the millinery , heroines with hats , secret codes and dastardly villians. A sort of Nancy Drew meets Mr Selfridge.Great fun.:)



Blog Birthday Give Away ~ July means ‘Sunshine and Celandines’ is 3 years old!!! In celebration I hosted a little giveaway ~ the delightful Flower Press above. Thanks to everyone who liked and commented. 😀 And the winner ( randomly drawn from a flower pot ! ) is……….. Janey from ‘ Is that you Darling’. Well done Janey!! I will be in touch.


Doggy Paddles ~ Inspired by a couple of recent trips to the Lake District we have pinned a map on the wall to show the lakes and tarns that Hugo has taken a dip in. So far there have been five! Plenty more to go then.He loves the water.Are we sad dog owners or what!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “July Round Up.”

  1. I don’t have Sky and have never heard of Penny Dreadful (I very rarely watch TV and stick to BBC2 and 4 when I do!) but I’ve googled it and watched some trailers and it looks pretty good. I like period drama, I like gothic and horror and I like literature – I’m going to see if I can get it on DVd or download it somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I’m so glad there was a happy ending for the poor boy ( and Kit) , in the end it pretty much showed that most of the charactors were outcasts in different ways.x

  2. Happy Anniversary! I began watching Penny Dreadful, but got behind-I was already watching a whole bunch of shows, and gave it up (for now, maybe). Of course
    I’m still trying to make my wife a fan of Hammer. Don’t hold your breath 🙂

  3. Thanks Andy! I watched the first season then it took me a long long time to check out the second.I am now hooked again.Second is better than the first….i think.

  4. The book sounds so interesting!

    I’ve just had to refollow your blog – I wondered why I wasn’t seeing any posts from you! Apparently WordPress had taken it upon itself to remove you from my reader?!

    1. Oh no! Well thanks for following again anyway.That has happened before with blogs I have followed.Yeah the book was nice.It is probably aimed at young adults…but hey i’m young at heart.:)

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