August Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Hi this months  Photo Scavenger Hunt  organized by Jill at Made With Love was pretty challenging once again. But Hey I love a challenge! These pics were taken on various days out through the month including the seaside and Malham show. 🙂
staycation 056Walk ~  An unusual picture of Wil and I walking our dog on St Anne’s beach. Hugo is the real thing and we are shadows. It was a really blustery day. That can only explain my strange shape! My skirt and cardigan are billowing in the breeze. Thats my excuse anyway.Ha!

staycation 100
Horizontal ~ Picture of the blue sky and cotton wool clouds taken by me lead down at the front of the beach hut that we hired for the day. Cue a few funny looks! 

staycation 083
Square ~ Open up the beach hut and you have the perfect ( and square shaped ) view of the sand and glistening sea.


Diversity ~ Someone’s beautiful cottage garden near where I live. A dazzling diversity of flowers.

malham show 024
Rough ~ The rough and rocky face of Malham cove in the Yorkshire Dales.

malham show 036
Bow ~ My brother and our niece Imogen. She is wearing a bow in that tumble of curls. 🙂

food fest 15 023
Joy ~ My two Goddaughters enjoying a ride at the funfair.

staycation 071
Forgotten ~ Old fishing boats ,quite forgotten until they are needed to go out to Sea.

malham show 022
Crowd ~  The crowds are out at Malham show watching the bonniest dog competition.

pendle 015
Colourless ~ The transparency  of this reservoir mirrors Pendle Hill in its colourless and calm waters.


staycation 058
Friendly ~ Donkeys on St Anne’s beach.

Gorgeous blue scabious.
Gorgeous blue scabious.

Whatever you want ~ Beautiful blue scabious flower in Pendle Hill country.

Thanks for taking a look. 🙂

18 thoughts on “August Photo Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Wonderful collection, Shazza! I feel like I’ve been on a trip! Your colorless photos was stunning with its perfect reflections in the water, and I rnjoyed seeing your darling niece and Goddaughters. Cute donkeys too! Happy hunting next month!

  2. thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, what a great group of photos. I really like your photos of Forgotten, colourless, and friendly. Greenthumb

  3. Terrific photos ~ I really enjoyed them all ~ love the bow hidden in the curls, the donkeys and that amazing photo of ‘colourless’ ~ the reflections are beautiful.

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