Sea Air ~ VInTagE bY The SeA.

vintage by the sea 039
There were vintage fairground rides.

The Lancashire Seaside town of Morecambe looks more and more lovely every time I visit. This weekend saw designers Wayne,Gerardine and Jack hemingway bring their popular vintage event Vintage By The Sea back to Morecambe for the third year running. I managed to persuade the other half to take me ( Hurrah! ) and what nicer way to spend a gorgeous sunny September afternoon than here. I’m sure you will agree!

vintage by the sea 032
Classic Cars.
vintage by the sea 040
Vintage Spitfire.
vintage by the sea 060
Look at these lovely ladies. 🙂
vintage by the sea 062
There was a pooch parade.
vintage by the sea 052
Cutie Pie.

vintage by the sea 061

vintage by the sea 065
I’m not sure whose dog was the best dressed but like this ones hat. 🙂
vintage by the sea 071
Outside the iconic Art Deco Midland Hotel.
vintage by the sea 076
Bus Bar.
vintage by the sea 089
Thats the way to do it!
vintage by the sea 084
Midland Sea Horses.
vintage by the sea 081
Inside the Midland.
vintage by the sea 091
Think my outfit matches the car?

vintage by the sea 092

vintage by the sea 094

vintage by the sea 097

vintage by the sea 095
Such blue sky.

vintage by the sea 099

vintage by the sea 100

vintage by the sea 103

Hope you like my pictures  Sometimes i wish I was a little more confident about asking people if I can take their photo. There were so many occasions  I should have been that little bit braver.Everybody looked so fantastic! Anyone else a bit shy on the shooting side of the camera?  I would be hopeless paparazzi!

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sea Air ~ VInTagE bY The SeA.”

  1. This event looks amazing, wish you had taken me with you! I can see some very good outfits. It looks like it was great weather also.
    As for asking to take photos, just ask people. I found if people are dressed up it normally means if you asked if you can photograph them they will likely to really pleased and you can always give them a card to your blog. That way you get a great photo and they check out your blog! X

    1. Thats a great idea….I should get sone cards made for my blog.Strangely i never thought about doing that! There were some beautiful outfits…on people and dogs! The weather was perfect for the weekend.X

  2. Looks great! I am so keen to go one year! We stayed in the Midland for a night the summer before last, it was lovely 🙂 I’m shameless about asking for photos – we should go together!

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