October Photo Scavenger Hunt.

It’s time for October’s Photo Scavenger Hunt again!  This month some pictures are from an afternoon out in Cumbria and others were taken a little closer to home. If you fancy looking at everyone else’s takes on the prompts head on over to Made With Love.image

Question ~  Which is the Witch??? Ha ha ha. My friend took this of myself and my charming companion in the pub at the weekend. 🙂

summer and lakes 383

Cream ~  A rather good Afternoon Tea which some friends and I enjoyed at ‘The Inn on the Lake’ on the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District. It includes the obligatory scone with jam and clotted cream of course. 🙂

summer and lakes 365
Number ~ A number of beer kegs in the grounds of Brougham Hall which we visited in Cumbria. The Hall near Penrith is currently being restored and the grounds contain several craft shops and the Eden Brewery.

summer and lakes 372
Lattice ~ The windows in this chapel in Brougham have attractive lattice work.

castle scavenger 005
Familiar ~  Hugo and I take this familiar route round Clitheroe Castle grounds quite often. 🙂

summer and lakes 346
Ring ~ I love this fantastic door knocker at Brougham Hall with the knocker ring threaded through the creature’s mouth. It is one of only four in the country.

castle scavenger 001
Today ~ Leaves carpet the grounds of Clitheroe Castle on Hugo’s walk this afternoon.

summer and lakes 363
Writing ~ Vintage wall signs outside the cafe at Brougham Hall.

summer and lakes 323

Down ~ Apples are squashed to a pulp and drop down to be pressed at Dove Syke Farm. Wil and I went there for a Cider Festival at the beginning of the month.

cider fest 005
Many ~ And here are just some of the Apples ready to be pressed and made into cider. 😉

summer and lakes 361
Broken ~ The ruins of Brougham Hall which are slowly being restored. The building is 700 years old.

summer and lakes 359
Whatever you want ~ A beautiful Rose still flowering in October.

Thanks for dropping by. You can find out more about Brougham Hall here. X

20 thoughts on “October Photo Scavenger Hunt.”

      1. That’s true 🙂 There’s no real tradition of celebrating Halloween, but it’s becoming increasingly popular in Finland too! Traditionally it’s a day of remembering the dead by putting candles on loved ones’ graves – which turns the cemeteries into beautiful seas of lights 🙂 x

  1. Great collection! I still have a few to take, struggling with some items, I’m going to be finishing late (for me) this month! I’ve finally published my wildlife wishlist post too – it was really hard, so much to see, I just kept waffling on and couldn’t have written for days!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your October photos ~ what a terrific selection. That door knocker is a perfect choice for ring, and your cream tea…well, what can I say? Yum!! Love how you started out with the which witch ~ your nice smile doesn’t scare me 😉 Looks like you had a wonderful time on your visit.

  3. You have taken some great photos, I’ve enjoyed them all – thecream tea looks very tasty and I love the door knocker and the lattice window:)

  4. Great photos! Nice to see a late rose, such a beautiful colour and of course I have to mention that fabulous knocker! Cider is my tipple, I’d have loved to try a pint or two.

  5. What beautiful photos for the scavenger hunt, Shazza! What a lovely area you live in. Your photos of the apples reminded me of apple gathering time in Nova Scotia and the men who collected the apples in my grandmother’s yard for the cider makers. And that gorgeous rose! A beautiful shot of a magnificent flower. Happy hunting in November!

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