November Photo Scavenger Hunt.

My Photo Scavenger Hunt photos have a rather Nautical theme this month. We spent a week in Whitby on the Yorkshire Coast and visited other coastal towns and villages in the area. So my pictures are all from my holiday. Enjoy!

whiby 2015 203

A Stranger. I am no longer a stranger to Scarborough’s North Shore. Look at the brightly coloured Beach Huts.

whiby 2015 106
Looking Down. A  walk along the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay  where  we came across this poor dead crab. Quite a big one too.

whiby 2015 163
Popular Culture.  Whitby is famous for its connections with everyone’s favourite toothy Count, Draculaaaah. I didn’t get chance to go in and experience a one to one with him happily!

whiby 2015 145
The Weather. We were pretty lucky with the weather but visiting the Victorian town of Saltburn-On-Sea proved a wash out. 😦

whiby 2015 069
Big. A surprisingly large Lobster in Staithes.

whiby 2015 066
Sign. I love the names of cottages by the sea. This is one of the more unusual ones.

whiby 2015 219

Bottle.  A bottle of wine to celebrate my birthday , which just happened to be when I was away.

whiby 2015 103

Out and About. On the beach at Robin Hoods Bay.

whiby 2015 252
Hat. The seaside in November gets a bit chilly.

whiby 2015 006
Hole. Whitby’s Whale Jaw Bone Arch up on the West Cliff. It cleverly frames the Abbey opposite. The original Whale Bone was given to the town in the 1800’s. This replica was donated by Alaska in 2003.

whiby 2015 057
One. Boat in a field!

whiby 2015 240
Whatever you want. A couple of Cormorants on a cabin roof in Whitby.

Thanks to  Made With Love for organizing as usual.


17 thoughts on “November Photo Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. I always love the seaside, and these photos capture it well. I love the brightly colored beach huts and the cottage sign, and your action shot of the dogs is great! Belated happy birthday!

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your birthday jaunt 🙂 The colourful beach huts add a cheerful touch of colour to a November day. A unique photo of a boat in a field! Loved the sign and very large lobster! Looks like you had a terrific holiday, and your bottle of wine reminds me of…”I’m wishing for a White Christmas, but if it runs out, I’ll drink Red.” 😉

  3. What a fantastic collection of photos! Whitby is high on my list of places I want to visit, I love it, but I’ve not been since I was maybe 12 or 13! A lovely place to spend a birthday 🙂

  4. I loved revisiting Whitby with you – it reminded me of our holiday there a couple of years ago 🙂 Lovely beach huts, sign and lobster. How funny that we both had cormorants – such a weird coincidence! Great minds….xx

  5. Thanks for joining in on this months scavenger hunt, sorry I haven’t been around but I have not been well lately. Lovely photos, I really like weather, out and about, big. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday. Greenthumb

  6. Looks like your dog really had fun at the beach. Singing Waters is a great name & a great sign. Is that Lobster made of nylon rope strands? My Wife & her Dad went to visit relatives in England about 5 years ago during your Summer. She had a great time but said in 5 weeks they only had 3 days that it didn’t rain.

    1. I’m not sure what the lobster was made of but how amazing hey.It does rain lots in the UK. We were lucky with our trip to the Yorkshire coast as we only had a couple of rainy days in our week…so there’s always hope!

  7. What a lovely collection of photos, Shazza! One of the reasons I enjoy this hunt so much is seeing new places through other eyes. The lobster looks like some kind of art work ~ very cool. My sister-in-law just bought a place in Hove near Brighton, and my husband and I are hoping to visit. I’d love to see those iconic beach huts for real. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip to Whitby on the Yorkshire Coast. And Happy Holidays!

  8. Hi I have never beeln to Whitby so it walovely to ee all your photographs while you were there for a holiday. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY. Loved the colooured beach huts, your dog that huge lobster and dead crab and of coure being a bird warching myslef, loved the Cormorants. Apparently my link was not working until yeterday so hope you will pop in and see my take on the words and read my continuing story about The Formidible Four. Have a wonderful Christmas, I am just off to spend it in Malawi with my family.

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