Sea Air ~ Robin Hoods Bay.

So continuing my exploration of the Yorkshire Coast.  Robin Hoods Bay is five miles south of Whitby. Houses tumble down the cliffs and the sound of Sea Gulls  punchuate the peace on a Wednesday afternoon in November. We decide on a brisk walk on the beach, a wander round the village and a strong black coffee in a tiny tea room called Tea, Toast and Post.

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This picturesque  fishing village  was once the busiest smuggling community on the Yorkshire Coast. In the Eighteenth Century the Bay’s women folk were apparently known to have thrown  scorching water over excise men from their bedroom windows in the narrow cobbled alleyways. Visitors today are more likely to be donning walking boots than catching smugglers. The ‘Cleveland Way’ and the ‘Coast to Coast’ pass through the village.

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It is not clear about why the settlement is called ‘Robin Hood’s Bay’ as there is no evidence to suggest that Robin and his band of merry men ever resided here. More likely the name came from local legends. An ancient forest sprite was also called Robin hood , so maybe the name does derive from forest folklore.

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We enjoy walking on the beach. Hugo finds a friend!  The coastline here is full of wildlife. It is a wee bit to cold to linger round the rock pools ( should have worn my new winter coat!) or hunt for fossils. We need to return someday and scour the sand for fossilized monkey puzzle tree….or Whitby Jet to you and me.

whiby 2015 115

whiby 2015 116

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Thank goodness for this cute little cafe , Tea, Toast and Post which proves a great little place for a snack. Like its name suggests, hot and cold drinks,toasties and a host of pillar box paraphernalia. Hugo is even given a couple of  biscuits by the friendly owner.

Thanks for joining me on my whistle stop tour of the Yorkshire coast.

What is your favorite seaside destination?




8 thoughts on “Sea Air ~ Robin Hoods Bay.”

  1. I love that area of the coast – Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby etc. It’s got great buildings and streets that capture times gone by. I’ve recently discovered Cornwall. My heart now belongs to St Ives. I actually swam in the sea their in June this year – wonderful!

    1. Oh wonderful,i have never been to Cornwall and i would love to visit St Ives someday. Have you been to Staithes? its a coastal village near Whitby and is known as the St Ives of the North.x

      1. I have been to Staithes. It’s a lovely little village. It has nothing on St Ives though.St Ives is a town with at least 4 different beaches. It has an amazing light I have never experienced. That is why there are so many artists there.

  2. I’ve never been to Robin Hood bay though I have heard of it. Thanks for the lovely review. I don’t really have a seaside favourite. The White Cliffs were nice to see by Dover and South Stack Lighthouse was a nice coastal walk in Anglesey. My favourite place is Edinburgh, but I do enjoy walking the cost of Queesferry with lovely views of the Forth and it’s fine bridges!

  3. I would love to see the White Cliffs of Dover ,infact i do need to go down south for a change! Love Edinburgh too though have never explored the coastline there. So maybe i need to head north too! Decisions, Decisions!

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