Foodie Penpal Parcels ~ November.

Here’s a quick catch up post about my foodie penpal parcels in November. My recipipitant Amy who blogs at Sprouts and Flip Flops   wanted some healthy snack type foods so I sent her the bits and bobs in the above picture. I tried to pick some low fat items such as the seed and nut shots, the wasabi green peas and the naked ginger bread bar. She also enjoys cooking so hopefully the mixed sweet spice ,fruit factory fruit stars and the Mar fish seasoning went down well too.

Meanwhile I too received a parcel from  Claire. She blogs at Clairey fairys cooking blog. I must say opening Claire’s parcel was like a mini Christmas celebration!


I had mentioned my sweet tooth to Claire and all these scrumptious sweet treats tumbled out of the box. What I loved most about what she sent me was  her sense of fun really shines through. 🙂


A chocolate mug brownie cake mix ( soz Claire it kind of deflated, my fault I think), movie popcorn, salted caramel cashew brittle, chocolate dusted truffles,a triangle toblerone,miniature preserves,melt in the mouth shortbread etc etc


There was even Christmasy shaped pasta….which went down very well indeed.

If you fancy joining in ( the next Foodie Parcel Swap is in January) bob along to







10 thoughts on “Foodie Penpal Parcels ~ November.”

  1. Salted caramel cashew brittle! Oh myyyy! That sounds amazing.

    I keep seeing mug cake packets everywhere and I’m so intrigured by them, but we don’t have a microwave.

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