Sea Air ~ Squirrels and Naked Men on the Sefton Coast.

Wednesday was a gorgeous cold and clear blue sky day and both of us happened to have the day off work. Talk about good luck!  We decided to head off to the Sefton Coast near Liverpool….with the dog of course.

In the morning we found our way to Formby Beach and parked at the National Trust Car Park which was quite expensive but well worth it. I do keep thinking about membership and just don’t get round to it. Anyone out there a member?  So, the car park area is right by the pine woods where red squirrels are in residence. 🙂 But first we ambled down to the beach via one of the many trails. Check out the recycled Christmas trees that have been planted in the dunes to protect them from becoming flattened.

formby and crosby 014

formby and crosby 007

formby and crosby 005

formby and crosby 011

Formby Beach is lovely and very dog friendly too. There are lots of shells especially Razor Shells. This part of the coast is home to some rare wildlife such as Dune Tiger Beetles and Natterjack Toads. And when the tide is out ancient human and animal tracks dating back 5,000 years can be seen in the rocks.  The other wildlife Formby is famous for is of course it’s  Red Squirrels.

formby and crosby 031

formby and crosby 030

The pine woodlands  were planted 60-110 years ago to stable the sand dunes and protect the asparagus crops that were once grown here.  Nowadays they are a refuge for our protected squirrel species. The squirrel walk ( dogs allowed on leads) is a delight. I can’t tell you how chuffed I was to see so many of these beautiful little tuftys. 🙂  They are smaller than their grey cousins and never keep still for long!

formby and crosby 022

After our fun times in Formby we drove a little further down the coast to Crosby Beach. Here is  home to 100 cast iron statues by artist Antony Gormley entitled  Another Place. They are dotted around 3 km of beach, looking out to sea.  There is a signposted free car park and dogs are allowed on the sand. I’m not sure what Hugo thought of the sculptures. He did pee on a lot of them!

formby and crosby 043

formby and crosby 045formby and crosby 033

As you can see all the statues are naked!  They are actually modelled on the artist’s own body. I wonder how he feels about himself being duplicated  across the coastline in his birthday suit. Well pretty good, I guess. 🙂

formby and crosby 040

formby and crosby 052

formby and crosby 049

It was interesting to see the varying states of erosion and weathering the statues have succumbed to. Ten years have passed since they were installed. I hope they are gracing the coastline for many years to come. 🙂



21 thoughts on “Sea Air ~ Squirrels and Naked Men on the Sefton Coast.”

  1. We’re National Trust members and for the sort of things we like to do as a family, it’s well worth it. I particularly like the feeling that I can pop into a property or car park just for the loo or a cup of tea if I want and not have to worry about getting value for my money!!

  2. So glad to see you visited my ‘neck of the woods’! Formby and Crosby are great places! I do think Antony Gormley models a lot of his sculptures on his body! Glad you three had fun 😀 x

  3. We used to be NT but we cancelled it a year or two ago after I learned they have some questionable practices on their land relating to the environment and conservation!

    I visited Formby several years ago and had a great day – I keep thinking I should revisit.

    1. It’s a cool part of the world and one I’ve never really explored even though it’s only a little more than an hour away. Good to find new placess on your doorstep.:)

  4. I’ve seen a few photos of those men before but never got round to seeing them myself – they look very *ahem* interesting! Ha! We too were on the verge of getting the NT membership as we thought it would just about cover the parking fees at the places we would visit; I seem to remember there was a discount if you were with the AA too 🙂

  5. Great photos of the statues at Crosby Beach. I would like to visit there one day. Lovely photos of y squirrels too.

  6. We joined, just a single membership, because we use their beach car parks a fair amount. IU think we probably only just break even, if that, but they a lot of marvellous work. I think they have some way of keeping the money local – I may be wrong though on that.

    1. Yes we might get a single membership for car parking.Having a dog means we probably wont be able to go to the less dog friendly places anyway.x

  7. What a lovely day and place – really makes me want to explore the UK more! Matthew becomes a child when he sees a squirrel, so he would’ve loved the walk 😀 xx

  8. Shazza, David is thinking of a short drive to Formby for the BH but for the life of me I can’t find any prices online. Can you remember how much you paid to visit? Was it individual or just car parking? Much appreciated any advice xx

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