Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ January.



Hi this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt is slightly different than normal as Jill simply asked us to contribute twelve random photo’s from our month. I am happy to do that 🙂 so here goes. Apologies to those of you who may have seen some of these pictures in my past posts.


Naughty But Nice ~  Although I am on a bit of a health kick this month, I have had time for a couple of treats. Oh yes :). This was a particularly wonderful Afternoon Tea I enjoyed with friends at the lovely Mitton Hall near Whalley. It was I have to say, scrumdiddlyumptious!


Gorgeous Scenery on a day out in the Lake District. The lake is ‘Derwent Water’ and there is snow on the mountains ,geese on the lake and a certain black labrador is enjoying a paddle. 🙂


One Black cat sat on my bed. She thinks it’s her bed obviously!

rheged and askham 026

Family ~ Wow this feels like a long time ago now. Our Christmas get together actually happened in the New Year. Every year tradition dictates that we pose for a family photo. This involves my brother setting up the camera, everyone jostling for position and all of us falling about laughing when the camera doesn’t take the shot. Fun times. 🙂


Read ~ The only book I have read so far this year is ‘The Art of Being Normal’ by Lisa Williamson, which I heartily recommend.

keswick16 008

Here’s a close up of Hugo by the lake. He’s just come out of the water which must have been freezing!  He’s wearing his new Grrrrrrrrrrr! tag.  :0).



keswick16 034

Welcoming ~  A lovely wooden horse welcomes visitors to a shop in Kirkby Lonsdale.

formby and crosby 040

Naked ~  Yup, one of many naked statues on Crosby Beach near Liverpool. One Hundred of them in fact!  You can read my post about this unusual art installation  here. :0)

formby and crosby 030

On the same day we visited Formby Beach , where the nearby pine woods are home to lots of  cute  red squirrels.

20160131_095820.jpgUninspiring picture of the spare room. We are hoping to decorate and make it into a kind of dressing room/storage space. Trip to Ikea is needed methinks. 🙂

rheged and askham 003

Gorgeous wildlife tiles at the Rheged Centre in Penrith.


birds jan 011

And my Favourite birdie picture from January is this cute female Bullfinch!

Thanks for dropping by!

February Beckons. 🙂





19 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ January.”

  1. That’s my first really clear picture of one. I can never get the males though! My cat is about 5 or 6 but she was a rescue so who knows for sure. She’s a little madam but love her to bits. 🙂

  2. I still love the photo of the lake with the snowy mountains. Nice to see a traditional Christmas family photo.

  3. I really enjoyed your wonderful selection of photos for January. That tea stand full of yummies does look very appetizing! Lovely photo of your family, and can just hear the squeals when the camera doesn’t go off as expected. The photo of Derwentwater is superb! Hugo stands out very well and adds a great perspective. Lovely tiles, and interesting statues! Yay, a list for February already!

  4. Oh, I forgot to add that I love how you captured the turn of the head of the bullfinch ~ as if it’s peeking from within a collar 🙂

  5. Why am I not surprised to see an afternoon tea photo here? Hehe! Great collection – I love the photo of Derwent Water and the bullfinch too, I’ve given up the scavenger hunt this year… it became something of a chore for me over the last few months so I was glad to get the end of the year. I didn’t realise January would be a different sort or I might have considered joining in again!

  6. Christmas does seem like long ago, doesn’t it? But looking at Derwent Water, it doesn’t look like winter is over! Lovely pictures. I especially like the wildlife tiles and the bullfinch.

  7. Great set of photos would love to go to Crosby Beach, putting it on my “This year list” places to visit.
    Amanda xx

    1. Aw thank you. The dog is my lab Hugo and that was one gorgeous winter’s day. The bird is a Bull finch and is a breed I have tried to photograph for a while.

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