Foodie Penpal Parcels ~ January.



I’m a wee bit late with my January Foodie Penpals post as my February penpal is already waiting in my Inbox. But I have to show you the delicious ( and healthy) treats that Teresa sent me a few weeks ago now.

First though I will tell you what I sent Liliana, who was very easy to buy for. Her only stipulations were, that she didn’t like cabbage or liquorice!
I decided that I would try my best to shop locally. On a trip to the Lakes I found myself in Ye Olde Friars in Keswick. This is a traditional confectioners with a marvellous array of sweet treats. I purchased local delicacy Kendal Mint Cake as well as some chilli jellies and homemade Orange curd. And back home I bought a tasty tagine mix and a chicken stir fry mix from my local butchers. Finally my hometown has a beautiful vintage tea room called Callooh! Callay! which sells Alice In Wonderland inspired tea blends, so I popped a ‘Queen of Hearts’ rose petal infused tea in too. 🙂


I asked Teresa if she wouldn’t mind posting me some healthy(ish!) snacks and she certainly obliged. Raiding her local Health Store, she found me this amazing selection!


Of course the first thing I dived upon was the rather naughty but nice Mrs Crimbles Jam Coconut ring which was heavenly. I also treated myself to a nice cup of Wild Blackcurrant Infusion from Heath and Heather. It has fast become my new fave brew as it is so refreshingly fruity.

The Holland & Barrett ‘Good To Go’ snack packs were perfect for my packing up to take to work and the Bombay Firecracker snack was really very tasty….and low calorie to boot.

The only things I have left are the stock cubes which are bound to come in very useful and the Liquorice sweets. Maybe I should send them to Liliana. 😉

As usual I really enjoyed taking part. If you fancy becoming a foodie penpal the website is here.

See you soon. X




8 thoughts on “Foodie Penpal Parcels ~ January.”

  1. Hi Bev, oh no that’s dissapointing! Have you been in touch with the pe npal who was late? I know when i sent to Turkey it seemed to take weeks to get there for some reason. Hope yours arrives soon.xx

  2. You make such lovely choices for your penpals. What you pick always looks great. Is there a set amount that you spend?

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